Why FreeCodeCamp changed the theme

why my Freecodecamp syllabus are not green anymore. I don’t like this black and white theme, the new font really distract me and most importantly I lost whole my progress. is there anyway to change the theme at all?

thanks so much


thanks for your rapid reply. three weeks ago the website automatically signed me out and didn’t accept my email address anymore for few days. Since then some of my checkmarks has gone. Isn’t there anyway I can use the old green setting?

Are you sure you’re still logged in? I find on some computers I have to hit the login each time (most likely due to cookie settings)

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yes Tara I am logged in . I don’t have some of the check point(maybe 30% of the syllabus I already passed)

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there have been a few changes to the challenges, the missing check marks could be the new or updated challenges. everyone found themself with unchecked challenges


I’m not sure about missing checkmarks on projects/tests that have already been completed, but one thing I will say…I started using this website again a few weeks ago after a few month hiatus prior to that and found that a bunch of projects had been rearranged, and I think some of them have even been removed (and some added). But if you’re talking about projects that were completed in the last few weeks, I’m not sure.

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Interesting! The checkmarks are not remove. They added more lessens. Thanks for your help. cheers!

First of all I really want to thank @QuincyLarson and all the people working ad freeCodeCamp.
I’m really learning a lot thanks to them. I am a designer and a senior software quality assurance who is trying to became a web dev or maybe UX/UI. Still figuring it out… :sweat_smile: but one thing is for sure: I knew nothing about HTML, CSS and Javascript before this amazing site and forum! So…THANKS!

I absolutely love the new theme and I personally use always dark themes everywhere.
You can use Stylus Chrome’s extension to change the colors of almost any website. I think is a really useful way to sharp your HTML and CSS skills and use Chrome’s dev tools. Since I’m a noob still fighting against Javascript Intermediate Challenges I’m taking a break from that to play a bit with freeCodeCamp colors for those disappointed. Again…I’m not a pro so I really don’t know if I’ll be able to do it 'cause of the technologies they used and my kid skills :stuck_out_tongue:

A work in progress of what I’m doing is attached. If I’ll be able to do it I will post a new thread with the Stylus theme and other variants.

Happy coding!


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suggestion: be sure to test with html/css challenges that test the colors of items, it happens pretty often that people can’t pass the challenges for an extension they have installed

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I will! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks for creating this theme. This is really cool.

Yeah - there can only be one default design for freeCodeCamp, but there can be a lot of custom skins using tools like Stylus.

We should still have all of your data. Most likely, you just inadvertently created a duplicate account, and that’s what you’re seeing when you sign in.

Try signing in with different email address / authentication method you may have used in the past.

If you still can’t get into your own account, send an email to support@freecodecamp.org and we can help you get back in.