Why header instead of h1?

Hi everybody. First post here.

I’m just puzzled about the fact that this challenge requires us to use the header tag many times over at the beginning of nav and each section as well. It seems to me that it would be more appropriate to use the h1 tag, as header has more of a semantic function. Shouldn’t header normally be confined to a single area? An if not, he should we choose h1 above header and vice-versa?

Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

Link to the challenge:

See it a bit as an article
In an article you would start with a HEAD line right
and then some text
but as we gain more articles
the use of the h1 to 6 would result into this
here is some text
hello cats are cool h6
here is some text

That isn’t very usseful since every time we use one it gets smaller
Also when we want to get back to them would it be more easy to go
head tage is awesome cats
instead of
h1 is awesome cats
h2 is cool cats

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try taking a look at this, seems having your same doubt, and there are a few answes with various source linked.

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Welcome to the forums @alejandroalmendro. In addition to the link provided in the previous post, take a look at this GitHub Gist that has a good representation of what you’re asking about.

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Or look at the specs


Thanks everybody!!! I think I get it better now. :grinning: