Why height viewport gives an error when solid border is used on the welcome message container?

hi all

in the Project challenge Porfolio User Story #10 the viewport height i am getting an error though i used height: 100vh.

I found out that when i remove the solid border that surrounds the welcome message container the error disappears.

What if i want to decorate the welcome page with a border style. Why i will be receiving an error that the height of viewport is wrong.

Link to the codes below:
Link to the codes on Jsfiddle

hey @Hisoka,

This is because giving a border of 1px will add 1px to the height of the welcome section, which means it will be 1px over the viewport height, this is because the box sizing is set to content box by default so changing this to border box will fix your problem.

Add this to your welcome section box-sizing: border-box;