Why it tells me that I have an error?

    <h1> Dr. Norman Borlaug</h1>
       <img src="https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3689/10613180113_fdf7bcd316_b.jpg" alt="The man who saved a billion lives">
          <h4> Dr. Norman Borlaug, third from the left, trains biologists in Mexico on how to increase wheat yields - part of his life-long war on hunger. </h4> 
                 <ul> <li><b>1914</b> Born in Cresco, Iowa
              <li><b>1933</b> Leaves his family's farm to attend the University of Minnesota, thanks to a Depression era program known as the "National Youth Administration"</li>
              <li><b>1935</b> Has to stop school and save up more money. Works in the Civilian Conservation Corps, helping starving Americans. "I saw how food changed them", he said. "All of this left scars on me."
              <li><b>1937</b> Finishes university and takes a job in the US Forestry Service</li>
   <a href="https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3689/10613180113_fdf7bcd316_b.jpg" target="_blank"> see more </a>
 <a href="https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3689/10613180113_fdf7bcd316_b.jpg" target="_blank"> see more </a>

this is in after "id=“tribute-link”>

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Can you tell us what the error is or do we need to guess?

OK, my first guess would be things like this:


What is that? Usually this would need to have an element type, like:

<div id="main">

You would need to fix all those before we go further. And those may be the problem.

As said, remember you have to specify which type of element you want. You also have to remember to close the elements.

<h1 id="title">
  Some Title

You can always review some of the challenges again.

Thank you, first time posting a code, didn’t know that!

Oh my bad hahah, not quite good yet, but still probably I’ll watch again some exercises before trying again!!

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