Why my code does not pass

The task: Fill in .bb3 with a repeating-linear-gradient . Use 90deg for the direction, your building-color3 for the first two colors, and window-color3 at 15% for the third. When you don’t specify a distance for a color, it will use the values that makes sense. In this case, the first two colors will default to 0% and 7.5% because it starts at 0% , and 7.5% is half of the 15% .
My code:
.bb3 {
width: 10%;
height: 55%;
background: repeating-linear-gradient(

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Thank you.

The instruction: " …the first two colors will default to 0% and 7.5% because it starts at 0%, and 7.5% is half of the 15% ."

The first two colors shouldn’t have any percentage. The 15% is equally divided between them, starting from 0% for the first color, and adding automatically 7.5% to the second.

thanks for the advice

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