Why my div element of class square goes back to rotation 0 degree when i use transform property in my animaton

Hy freecodecamp community you can see the code below ,
in the animation beat
at 0% keyframes i use the background of green but the rotation is still -45deg it doesn’t change.

at 50% keyframes
when I use transform property to change the scale of the element the rotation
changes and it goes to 0 deg


  <div class="square">  </div>
       width: 100px;

       height: 100px;

       background: pink;

        margin: auto;

        position: absolute;

         top: 0;

         bottom: 0;

          right: 0;

          left: 0;

          transform: rotate(-45deg);

          animation: beat;

          animation-duration: 8000ms;

         animation-iteration-count: 1;
     @keyframes beat{
        background: green;

            transform: scale(0.5);
            background: yellow ;

You have to apply all the transforms in a chain otherwise you will overwrite the initial transform. So in this case, you have to give it rotation as well as the scale.

50% {
  transform: rotate(-45deg) scale(0.5);
  background: yellow;

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thanks for your answer and good tip

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