Why, oh why is <p> not taking on the CSS values

So ,my next challenge before I continue with the course, seems to be, to become familiar with dev tools,. Jee, so much to learn - where to start? OK. I guess I have to take the detour, Thanks for your tips,

Yes, the course didn’t go too deep into media query. That’s something you can learn more about with a little research.

I know the media query is doing what you told it to do because I noticed the effect when using dev tools.
If you comment out the media query in CSS you’ll see.

On a side note, research media query since its use is a required user story. You’ll find a better use for it another way.

Take some time though to learn more about developer tools.

I know the fCC challenge on media queries shows it using max-height for the media query condition but that really isn’t how you would use it 95% of the time. You would use max-width, i.e. the width of the screen/viewport and not the height.

As said, just take a little time to learn more about media queries.

And low and behold!
I’m going to take a time-out from the course and delve into a) media-queries and be) dev tools.
Thanks for your tips and advice.