Why, oh why is <p> not taking on the CSS values

I have stared at my code in codepen now for a couple of hours and cannot find out, why my p values aren’t being accepted in <p>,
See line 24 as an example.

PS I can’t find my last (first) topic in the forum. Any tips?

What are you expecting to happen that isn’t happening? Looking at the <p> on line 24 in the browser dev tools it appears that your CSS styling is being applied.

If you go to your profile, then you can see all of your topics so far.

?? In the display I see, it’s certainly not 24px. And if I change the CSS p font-size value to 30px, it has no effect.

And thanks for your response.

Cheers and thanks. Will check it out.
I see your getting to grips with Project 3. Or are you embarking on 4?

As @bbsmooth hinted, use the browser dev tools to see what is happening. The style is being applied though maybe not the way you want.

Hint: (don’t look until you’ve used dev tools)

Your media query is doing what you’ve told it to do

I finished the responsive design cert back in october :grinning:
The landing page was my favorite project though.

God! I’m really a newbie. What are the dev tools and where can I find them?

Well done! How long did it take you and where are you going now?

It took me under 2 weeks to do the first certification but I had already been learning html and css before coming to freecodecamp.

I always tell people just starting out not to worry about how long it takes because it is always best to learn it well not fast :grinning:

I am building my own personal full stack projects that I hope to add to my portfolio.

2 weeks!!! Yes, you must have had pre-knowledge! I’ve been here 3 weeks and am struggling with Project 3! It’s a long route. But you’re right, good things take time.
Music to coding, a particular alignment! And full stack - ambitious. Obviously you enjoy it and have a talent. Are you then certified as a full-stack programmer?

If you right click and click on inspect it will bring up the dev tools.
Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 10.48.22 AM

My advice would be to focus on building out the html first before styling the page.
First get all of the tests to pass, then you can slowly start to build out the styling.
You might find it easier to build that way.

I would be happy to answer all of your questions in a private chat because we don’t want to get off topic with your original post. :grinning:

Thanks for your tips. Have done the inspect and and see there is a whole area I have to dig into. No idea how to use it but will investigate.
Your right with the ‘getting off topic’. So how does a private chat work?
Yours sincerely, Newbie.

If you want to private message someone, you can go to their profile and click on the message icon.

That’s a great question. While I can type a lot about it your best bet would be to search with something like chrome dev tools. That will give you quite a few hits with things like how to open it and how to use it.
Using dev tools is a skill you’ll need to acquire and it’s definitely something you’ll use quite a bit in your coding journey.

Jee. There is a lot to learn other than ‘just’ HTML and CSS. But I agree - these are necessary diversions that probably pay back in the long-term. I will have to re-schedule my to-do list!
Many thanks for your reply.


I did’t spend too much time with the media query (just part of the challenge) - until now, the course has only shown a very limited insight. How do you know ‘its doing what you told’? Do you mean, this has an effect on my subsequent code? Thanks for your time - it really helps.

And I won’t to add , that I don’t want to steal your time. I’m grateful for your responses. It’s good as a newbie, to have someone to converse with. However, that has its limits.
I hope, one day, to also be in a position to help others with their queries - just give me two years time!

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So why? I must have done something stupid, but have no idea what.