Why on earth does null == "0" give false as a result?

So, i am now totally confused , javascript says one thing and then does totally opposite , i went to articles and videos to read about == and === , they all said == makes values convert to number …

So how on earth when Number(null) = 0 and Number(false) is 0 , do i get null == “0” as false , please guide me here …


The type of null is weirdly considered an object, whileas the type of “0” is a string. == compares the values, === also compares the types. null is not equal to zero, however the Number() function when given no value (null is considered no value) will return “0”, if given a non-numerical value it will return “NaN” (not a number error). Because of this null is not equal to “0”.

@anon52159105 - thanks, i did not get the last part

if given a non-numerical value it will return “NaN” (not a number error). Because of this null is not equal to “0”.

In console when i type Number(null) , its giving 0 , can you please guide a bit more …


null is the same as providing no value to the function, e.g. it’s ignored, because of this the Number() function returns a default value of zero, providing a non-number value though will return “NaN”.

Here is a table you can always check if you are unsure

Also, give chapter 4 a read you will find some sort of explanation there.


@zhouxiang19910319 “42” is indeed truthy, but “42” == true is not performing a boolean test/coercion at all, no matter what your brain says. “42” is not being coerced to a boolean (true), but instead true is being coerced to a 1, and then “42” is being coerced to 42.`
Ok so this is what i read, it clearly says what i mentioned that == performs check by converting to number …

So is it the case that in case of null, it does not take it as Number(null) , then what does it take the value to be , i could not find any explanation for this edge case , can you please guide a bit more , like what is the value of null coerced to in this case … thanks for your time…

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@anon52159105 - i am really sorry i am still a bit confused even after reading after stuff, what does null get coerced to in this case of using == , like null == “0” , does it is attempted to be ToString, ToNumber ?


Null is not equal to 0 because null is a value, it as far as the language is concerned is nothingness.

null does not get coerced into a number. Per the JavaScript specification, null is only loosely equal to null and undefined. It doesn’t get ToNumber, ToString, or any other internal function called on it. Good observation and great question, though.


0 is a number, null is nothing.

You can’t put the definition of null as itself, so they put 0 to represent no value.

Prove me wrong, but by logic that’s what I would think.

I see thanks! (20 character)

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If "0" could be coerced to equal null then I’d expect it to also coerce to false, which would be strange because if("0") {} would be ignored.

Actually, PHP will treat "0" as a falsy value, and I feel Javascript got things right in this case.

Zero is a numeric value, null is a reference to nothing.