Why this code doesn't provide expect result. please help

/* Return the provided string with the first letter of each word capitalized. Make sure the rest of the word is in lower case.

For the purpose of this exercise, you should also capitalize connecting words like `the` and `of` . */

function titleCase(str) {

  const newTitle = str.split(" ");

  const updatedTitle = [];

  for (let st in newTitle) {

    updatedTitle[st] = newTitle[st]


      .replace(newTitle[st].charAt(0), newTitle[st].charAt(0).toUpperCase());


  console.log(updatedTitle.join(" "));

  return updatedTitle.join(" ");


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I agree with what lasjorg said. And now that we have a link to the challenge…

When in doubt, log things out. A big part of being a good coder is being a good debugger. And being a good debugger is being a good detective.

If I add some log statements, breaking apart your logic a bit, I get:

function titleCase(str) {
  const newTitle = str.split(" ");
  const updatedTitle = [];

  for (let st in newTitle) {
    console.log(st, newTitle[st])

    const loweredStr = newTitle[st].toLowerCase()
    console.log('lowered', loweredStr)
    console.log('want to replace', newTitle[st].charAt(0), 'with', newTitle[st].charAt(0).toUpperCase(), 'in', loweredStr)
    const titledStr = loweredStr
      .replace(newTitle[st].charAt(0), newTitle[st].charAt(0).toUpperCase());
    console.log('titled', titledStr)
    updatedTitle[st] = titledStr

  return updatedTitle.join(" ");
console.log(titleCase("I'm a little tea pot"));

I get this output:

0 I’m
lowered i’m
want to replace I with I in i’m
titled i’m
1 a
lowered a
want to replace a with A in a
titled A
2 little
lowered little
want to replace l with L in little
titled Little
3 tea
lowered tea
want to replace t with T in tea
titled Tea
4 pot
lowered pot
want to replace p with P in pot
titled Pot
i’m A Little Tea Pot

Can you see the issue? It’s there, if you read closely enough.

Another technique is to figure out which ones are working and which ones aren’t. What do the words that are title cased incorrectly have in common? Maybe try some other sentences to see if you can see a pattern.

Work with that for a while and see if you can figure it out. Check back if you can’t find it and we’ll see if we can give a better hint.

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