Why you should download linux right now

using linux makes me f**king love coding.

Just want to officially declare my love for linux. working with it makes me feel like a legit programmer. you can do practically anything with it.

ive been using windows most of my life and i thought i was familiar with how it works, but linux is so much ‘less complicated’. most programs on it run in python and when you look at them you feel like its something that you could build if you really tried.

command-line takes a good while to get the hang of but once you get use to it you might as well just throw away your mouse. linux is no bull***t.

if you havent tried it you really should. it might be intimidating at first but give it a chance. its super powerful if you put the time in to tinker with it.

im using ubuntu-budgie btw just because ive a tonne of distros and I like that one the most

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