Why You Still Have Time To Change Careers

This video seems to focus on people who are still in their 20’s, but no matter how young you are, you can take this message to heart.


Very uplifting and motivational. At the age of 25 I keep kicking myself for not having realised my desire to pursue the developer path until now. I often wish I was able to go back 5 years and start my learning then. But I do realise that 25 is still young (even though my head tells me it isn’t!), and I always try to remember that as long as this is what I truly want to do, the efforts invested now into studying and making the best use of the resources available out there today will eventually pay off later on and that it is better to start late than to not start at all.


I’m 43 and I consider myself young. Just started this coding thing 4 months ago. I have a full time job (in a different field). I figure I have another 20 years to go in the workforce. A change might be nice. Don’t look at your age, look at how many years you have left to work and consider if it’s worth investing your time and energy into this.


I turn 25 next month and am in the same boat. I always had a huge interest in computer science; I even learned HTML when I was like 10 years old. I was hardcore into PC gaming and needed a website for my squad on Battlefield 1942’s mod “Desert-Combat”. #throwback haha.

I work at tech-startup now doing sales and I’ve come to realize that I give zero fucks about selling, and I gave all the fucks possible about design, coding, and creating things.

Cheers to attempting to walk a different path. Hopefully after a few months, I’ll be able to build out a cool portfolio and move in-house to a creative agency.

What do you think?

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I am 25 now and graduated as an EE in 2015. Then, when I took an year off, I realised that I could code for days on end and loved it. Prior to that, I coded on and off but college took precedence though it felt like such a chore. Coding is awesome and I have decided to pursue it. This video crushed all the second thoughts I was having seeing my friends getting jobs and settling down. Thanks op.


I’m 31 and work as a Production manager for an agriculture company in the midwest. Even though I graduated college with a bachelors degree in Business, I realized that I had zero hard skills. Shortly out of high school, I briefly considered going to school for web design/graphic design but ultimately decided against it. Though I don’t regret my business degree, I do realize that if I want to make myself more marketable it would probably behoove me to learn to code. I started messing around with html/css last fall and really enjoyed the courses I was taking on Codecademy. I am only about 10 hours into Free Code Camp and I look forward to the time I get to spend working with code in the evening after the kids go to bed.


Right there with ya.

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Good stuff and this place definitely needed such a video here, thanks for sharing :relaxed:

Seems like many of us are in the same boat. Just finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology (24 years old) and even though I love the subject I miss being able to create something. Coding was always a bit of a fantasy for me, something I thought was really cool but out of reach. This website has shown me that coding doesn’t have to be unattainable for me and I’m truly enjoying every minute I spend doing their challenges! Ultimate goal would be to create my own educational game on psychology to help out other university students.
Thanks for sharing! Loved reading all of your personal stories as well :smile_cat:


I am 53 :wink: If you keep your health good, you can do more than the 20 more.

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i like this perspective - i turn 40 next year and i am looking to improve my ability to transfer into SEO fulltime - codecamp has been so eye opening and helpful - it’s been great to see so many other people learning and growing as well.


I’m 48. From 19 to 27 I worked and lived as a musician. At 27 my music career puttered out. I worked my say up through through various web technologies. I am now 48. Don’t let age define your career. Keep training, save money from each paycheck, gain business perspective. Yes, in the beginning changing careers is hard on the wallet, but it also a wonderful journey that will eventually pay off.


I am 24 and I have already tried themselves in 5 different profession. Now I am studying programming, and I like it. My native language is Russian, and I am sure it is difficult to study, but through the thorns to the stars ^ _-

Programming this perspective, this means to gain experience and develop yourself every day, work on yourself.

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Thanks for sharing, it’s also good to see that so many others are in a similar situation. I went to college and graduated-currently in teaching. I love the the teaching aspect, the kids are great, but not the lack of autonomy on the job…