Wiki Viewer Display Issue on Mobile

I’m experiencing a somewhat strange issue with my Wikipedia viewer on mobile (Android 7, Chrome browser). The static part of the page displays really small, like showing an entire desktop screen on a mobile device; but after searching, the results are displayed at a nice, large, readable size.

My Wikipedia Viewer

Even stranger is that I haven’t added font-size styling to anything, yet you have <p>s and <h3>s in the dynamic part displaying larger than the <h1> in the static part.

It doesn’t seem to affect desktop browsers.

Any ideas why this could be? And how could I force the static portion to display similarly to the dynamic portion?

I don’t have a phone with Android 7, but try this:

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Worked a charm, thanks!

Anyone able to give a techie explanation of why there was the discrepancy in the first place?

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Hmm, that certainly explains the static part, but not the dynamic part. I’ll see if I can work out what was going on with dev tools when I get home.