Wikipedia Viewer. ---Explore the world---

Hey, hey!
I am glad to see you here. And I will be really glad if you smile right now. :slight_smile:
Anyway let’s discuss coding topics.

Today I finished Wikipedia Viewer project. Now I want to share this project with you.
Please tell me your opinion, suggestions, etc. May be you notice that something works wrong.
I am waiting your feedback.:wink:
Let’s make the web better place!

It is not responsive. It has some problems on mobile screens.

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Looking good. I like that you added images on the search results.

If the “I’m lucky” button is for the random article generator, that doesn’t seem to be working. It just keeps opening a new window for me without the random Wiki article.

Otherwise nice job!

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Thank you for feedback! :slight_smile:
I’m lucky button is not about random article. I make some changes in the functionality. You need to type something in the input field and you get one article from many articles. You know Google has something like this. Or may be it works wrong. What do you see in new tab? Thanks!

Ok, right. I was not filling in text in the search box before I pressed the button, because I just assumed it was the part for pulling up a random Wiki entry. That was part of the instructions.

As long as you enter text in the search box, then yes, the “I’m Lucky” button works. Just noting that I believe one of the user stories was to have a button to pull up a random wikipedia article.

Sorry about the confusion.

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Thanks very much for feedback! :slight_smile:
Yes, that is my mistake. :sweat: I thought user should get a random article from certain list of articles. In this case the list depends on the request.
I will try to be more attentive. :wink: