Wikipedia Viewer Help/Feedback

Just finished (almost) my Wikipedia Viewer Project and had minor problems, most of which I figured out but when I look at the codepen on my phone the margin-top is applied which I do not want.

Wikipedia Project

I’m not sure if it is a specific media query I need to fix this because I did try an Iphone specific media query and it did not work.

But other than that I am also looking for feedback to the project and adjustments I could make to help improve.

Thank you!

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Hi I’ve finished mine also!

I really liked your page, It’s well designed. I hope you don’t mind but I noticed that if you search something, the random button disappears so I can’t test it unless I press ‘Back’. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Besides that I love every animation you put on your page, hope someday I have that knowledge to make some animated projects :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep going :slight_smile:

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I completely forgot to put it in the description, but I made it to where after you search if you type “random” it will bring up a random page as well as the wikipedia results that stem from the word random.

Probably should have put that somewhere in the page but I was going for simplicity I didn’t want much clutter.

But thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

If you want you can send me a link to your project and I can provide feedback if you’re looking for any!

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Nice I liked it! Sorry didn’t really tried to type “Random” in your input search box :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my project, hope you like it! Wikipedia Viewer