Wikipedia Viewer Project (SOLVED)

Accessing the Wikipedia API

Hey guys, I’m trying to construct my Wikipedia Viewer, but it seems as though I am unable to call data from their API. I have done a lot of googling and watched many YouTube videos, but nothing is working? I have tried the .ajax() method and the .getJSON() method, but neither of them have worked.

In my code, all I am trying to run is console.log(data), which should show the data from the wiki API I am trying to access. Has anybody done this before and can help me???

I don’t think you’ve imported jQuery. At the top of the JS section, click the gear icon and then choose jQuery from the quick add dropdown on the bottom.

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Oh my goodness…I’ve been working on this all day…Somehow I knew the answer would be something very minor. xD

Thanks, the code works now.