Will there be another way to donate one time without using PayPal?

Like paying a one time donation using iDeal?
Our paying with a Tikkie? Our any other methodes for Europe country’s that aren’t PayPal?

Make a one-time Bitcoin donation

Our Bitcoin wallet is 12skYi7aMCjDUdrVdoB3JjZ77ug8gxJfbL

Make a one-time Ethereum donation

Our Ethereum wallet is 0x0ADbEf2471416BD8732cf0f3944294eE393CcAF5

Make a one-time Litecoin donation

Our Litecoin wallet is LKu8UG8Z1nbTxnq9Do96PsC3FwbNtycf3X

Make a one-time Bitcoin Cash donation

Our Bitcoin Cash wallet is 1EBxPEJWrGZWxe2UayyAsnd5VsRg5H9xfu

Donate to freeCodeCamp by mailing us a check

Our mailing address is:

Free Code Camp, Inc.
7800 W Hefner Rd, PO BOX 721024
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73172
United States

There are more ways to donate listed on the donation page

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