Word typing game 2.0

A year ago I created a Vanilla JS typing game

old -> https://balancedsan.github.io/wordTypingGame/

The game had flaws where words get repeated since it uses random words from an array, also the UI could be improved.

So instead I rework the word logic, instead of random words, it spits out random characters that are 5 character long, every 5 correct words the level increases and a character is added and this is stackable every 5 correct words typed. Do let me know what u think =). I might upgrade it more in future where you could customize the level also note the game is not responsive its meant for desktop only

project here --> https://balancedsan.github.io/wordTypingGame2.0/

*p.s please feedback my JS code if you have any feedback on how I could write my code better, I struggled a lot refactoring and still fail to keep my functions pure.

repo here code in js folder --> https://github.com/Balancedsan/wordTypingGame2.0