Project feedback for pure javascript game made with java spring backend(Updated)

The goal is just to type words as the bubbles fall. If they reach the ground(6 of them), you lose the game. Your score increases when you correctly type words. Scores and names are persisted in the database as long as it is a top 10 score.

Word Pop Game

Tell me what you think. I know that I need to fix the amount of words that fall to a more manageable level to begin with and the speed should ramp up. Otherwise, what should be fixed?


Is this working for anybody? This is my first time ever making a game like this and the server for the scores. Not sure I even set everything up properly.

Nope , this is not working. I think because you didn t host your game , like buying a domain. Im a begginer too so don;t look in too my mouth.

Can somebody try this now. thanks

It works. I got 10 words. Neat game!

Game should fully work, as much as I expected, now.

It is very satisfying seeing other people’s requests hit your server and return data…

Now that I have the very basics, the sky is the limit.

You can’t type capital letters. :frowning:
Can you fix that?

You’re aware the speed is too high in the beginning, but I also typically get several word bubbles overlapping to the point there isn’t even a top most word on screen that I can read entirely. The topmost complete word hasn’t scrolled fully on screen yet. Overlapping is a neat idea but needs some limiting, even on a high level this amount of overlapping is unmanageable.
I also am getting many right hand margin cutoff words. Need to limit position based on word size to prevent it.

The lose condition is not clear. I have several long second after words fall off the bottom of the screen before I lose, is the loss box much lower than the play area, or do I have the ability to fail multiple words before the game ends?

When I enter my name to the leader board it would be nice if submission took me to view the board with the option to retry from there as well.

Thanks for sharing!

its a great game, i had fun playing it

Please fix the use of the capital letters; I have nothing else to say, everything was said by Kaysler :slight_smile:

Added ability to see how many words you can miss and what you have missed.
Added sound effect.
Added progressive difficulty.
Fixed bug with server overwriting a score, instead of replacing the smallest score.
Fixed issue with words being drawn partially off screen.
Added ability to type capital letters.

Let me know what you think, or how I can make it better.

Word Pop Game

The game was up all morning but the server was reset to local addresses for api calls. This has been corrected and should work now. If it does, can you please post that it doesn’t. I appreciate all the help I have had thus far.

it is working, pretty cool game!

Now, here is the big question. Is this something you would put in a portfolio to show you know a bit of javascript programming?

Or is it really not impressive enough. I do admit it is quite basic.

What are you talking about? It’s absolutely impressive. You should certainly add it to your portfolio.
I also think you should keep on updating and fixing the bugs in your game. Who knows where it would be a year from now.