Wordpress template editing and creation

Hi, I have an old WP site that uses Advanced Custom Fields and I wanted to know what people would recommend to create and edit the template PHP files? The website has a bespoke theme and the pages have not been built in the WP site. I have a copy of Elementor Pro, could I use this? Or will I need a Visual editor like Dreamweaver? I have knowledge of HTML, CSS and a little bit of PHP.

You’ll need to be able to edit in html, css, JavaScript/jQuery and also php, so whatever editor you choose it sould be able to handle all of those ( and most will be able to, though php my not be included in all editors )

Search here on FCC for code editors, there are many many threads reviewing and recommending editors, so you will get some excellent choices to choose from. Many of them are free.

I would personally have a look at this one - Visual Studio Code.

Thanks Rick, appreciate the advice. I will look at Visual Studio Code and look on FCC. Regards Ant

I also recommends what rick said, you could also try searching google if there are more threads regarding this topic. Thats what I did to learn