Wordpress to react native

Hello everyone, I have a page made entirely in Wordpress and very responsive to mobile. I even created a PWA for her. On Android was very good, but I can not do anything on IOS … What I want is to put the page in stores (android and apple) in a simple way in reaction native. But I don’t know anything about RN. Could I put what I already did in WP on React Native? Just like what I did at PWA. Grateful to all.

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This article may help

Not really, no.

If you had a React app, yes, you could port it across (there are still significant differences, but there is generally a fair amount of code that can be shared). For a server-rendered WP app, it’s a significant task to port it to being an actual mobile app; you’d be writing a new app based on your current one

If it’s literally a basically standard WP app built as a PWA, you can probably wrap it using Cordova, it’s been years since I used it though so can’t be more specific. Performance won’t be great, but it should work fine


Apps that provide core features and functionality dynamically with web technology like HTML5 are best delivered to everyone in Safari , rather than through the curated App Store.

I would hazard a guess that Apple will purge the store of Cordova/similar apps at some point in the near future. I’m extremely unsure whether Apple care about discoverability of PWAs. That’s the key issue: they aren’t going into the app store anytime soon (ie ever). This is what has prevented me pushing for a PWA app at my work (development would be 1000% easier, but end product is almost useless w/r/t iOS)

@modernvillaco I appreciate you trying to help OP but that doesn’t have anything to do with what they are asking


I would love to assist you.