What code do I need to learn for web and mobile app

A common question I’m sure, but just looking for feedback given what I’m trying to achieve as an end goal.

I’m looking to develop a concept where user uploads images and the “back end process” can handle auto adjusting colour/light/saturation etc and then renders these images out the other end along with a simple slideshow type video perhaps with basic pan and zoom options too.

That is the very basic idea, but wanted to investigate what I need to learn code wise to handle such a process. I’m thinking a basic responsive website can handle the log in pages but then maybe a dynamic system structure after that.?

Could the "process " in the background Ben accessed by all web/iPhone app and android or would I need to develop 3 different solutions?

Any advice on what code could handle such an idea so I can investigate further.

Thank you for your time


It is possible to publish a progressive web app to app stores. In fact, the FCC Medium publication recently published I built a Progressive Web App and published it in 3 app stores. Here’s what I learned.

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Thank you ArielLeslie. An interesting read and it seems you were very determined to get your PWA out there. Well done!! You touched on being experienced in JavaScript which got you through the Apple registration, would you say that would be a good base for me to learn first? I’m looking to get started with coding to develop my idea just as a bit of a hobby but don’t know where to start. Any guidance would be appreciated.



I didn’t write that article. If you want to write web apps, then you want to learn JavaScript.

Learning Javascript, React and Redux might be useful. Firebase to do true ‘backend’ services.
What you described could be done only on front end.

Ah I see. Apologies I misread into it. Thanks for your reply.

Great stuff thank you. I’ll look into what you have suggested, thanks. Chris.