Web app into android app

Hi guys. I have maybe not a very good question and I don’t know how to ask correctly but…is it difficult or is it possible or even is it logically to change web app into mobile app? And if possible what about performance?

Know nothing about mobile development

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Mobile apps are entirely different environment use but you can convert web apps into mobile apps. For example, pure native mobile apps like Android and iOS uses Java and Swift respectively. If I have a web app built in HTML, CSS, JS and want to make a mobile app to put on play store or apple store, you need an IDE specifically for Android, like Android Studios. Download the runtime environment to simulate a working Android phone on your computer and learn the components to design and code in Java.

so, to a person without knowledge on mobile development it is impossible?

Impossible is a strong word.

You can make a simple app by just using the internal web view on the phone and the existing web app. Or something more complicated via things that do it for you, like Apache Phonegap (got renamed to something else).

Hey @YariPL,

I’m a native iOS developer here and I recently came across a few articles about cross platform frameworks such as React Native and Ionic which may allow this type of conversion if your web app has the foundation for it. This article addresses how you might be able to reuse some of your web app components in React to React Native. I know one of the technologies used in React Native is utilizing the Javascript engine built on all iOS devices. I’m not entirely sure if you can fully convert your web app, but definitely some parts of it.


Yeah, I learned React and then the switch to React Native was not a big deal - not trivial, but very doable. Managing my Android emulator and pushing it onto Play Store was a bigger hassle.