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I basically want to create an app that helps me in my job role. I am not a coder I have acquired basic HTML and some CSS over the past few months but no javascript or c#. I have this app idea which basically is 3 text boxes a drop down list and a box for notes. then there are two date and time pickers. I simply want this data to be saved together and be accessible through the search of certain items.

I might have a login I’m not sure yet.

What i need is the simplest quickest route to learning what I need to know and only that I will initially set it up as a mobile app only but look to have a web platform also later on but that stage I will include a sign in and cloud storage, the initial app will only use local device storage.

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If all you want is to get to a small mobile app like this as quickly as possible, then start looking at tutorials for the platform (Apple vs Android) you want to build this for. There are probably step-by-step guides that are pretty close to what you want. Be aware that Apple requires you to pay a fee even if you want to install the app directly on your phone instead of putting it on the app store. (Android will allow you to load the app onto your own device without having a developer account.)

Use PhoneGap.

It’s basically a web app, for your backend, you can use whatever you want (php, mysql,, mssql, mongo, node whatever). PhoneGap will be your frontend (so it’s using just plain html, css, javascript), but it will look like a typical iOS app.

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