Working on this challenge is exciting , but how can i get step by step feed back as i progress through the challenge, just to make sure i am on the right track?

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Not sure what you mean by step by step feedback, but there is a test suite you need to add to your project. You run the tests for the Tribute Page and it will tell you which of the user stories you are passing and which ones your have not met the requirements for yet.

That is pretty good feedback.

Once you pass all the tests and have your site looking close to what you want it too look like (i.e. colors, font types, font sizes, positioning of text), then you can post a link to your project under the Project Feedback category on the forum and others will attempt to give you their opinions about what they like, don’t like and typically offer suggestions on what you could do to make it look better.

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Just fork this FreeCodeCamp’s pen and keep the script into your html part then start to evaluate your project with the upperside left menu.

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