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So I just got my first web developer job (junior full-stack role) and start this Thursday. One thing I did during my job search was majorly overhaul my LinkedIn. Actually, I saw this post from FCC’s LinkedIn:

Highly recommend it in case you missed it. While not an impressive number, after overhauling my profile, my profile views have been at least double what they were before in a given week over the last 6 weeks.

It’s basic SEO and just filling your profile with keywords so that you’ll show up for the searches you want to show up for. Now, I didn’t get my job via LinkedIn, as far as I know, but it will be interesting Thursday to ask our office manager/recruiter what she looked at before deciding to give me an opportunity to interview.

It was probably just my resume! But either way, I felt (still do) way more confident in my LinkedIn and sending it out or listing it on job ads.

My LinkedIn by the way for ref:


good luck with the new job

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Thanks for the tips. Please do update us on whether linkedin played a role in your job opportunity.
Best of luck!

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Will do! I have a feeling maybe not…but I’ll let you know. I think the LinkedIn benefit is #1 if anyone does want to look you up (e.g. company you applied for, freelance opportunity, friends/family), but #2 moreso when you’ve had a job for a year or something and then you may start getting interview’s and such from recruiters!

I actually already started receiving a message every couple weeks or so from a recruiter but they were always positions I was nowhere near qualified for lol.

One thing you can do on LinkedIn though is check your search appearances. Before I changed my LinkedIn all my searchers were teachers, schools, or international recruiters for schools. Afterwards they are 100% technical recruiters and IT companies.

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