Feedback on Portfolio and Resume + I got a job!


I did FCC starting earlier this year and it gave me a great foundation / prep for an in person bootcamp (I did Lighthouse Labs Web Dev in Vancouver). While I enjoyed FCC a lot, there are shortcomings to working purely online like peer collaborations and managing work environments. By that I mean an in person bootcamp forces you to work together on projects with people at varying skill levels and mimics what a sprint would be at work. I enjoy a structured work environment and having a place to go to everyday was great to just get hacking and not worry about where I was going to do my work everyday.

Interviewing process:

During the bootcamp, I did my own job search starting around the 6/7th week out of a 10 week bootcamp. It didn’t really lead anywhere until the week before my final project was due that Hack Capital (a local startup in Vancouver) got back to me. I did their coding challenge and after an in person interview I accepted my first developer job with them!

There were 3 other offers from other startups but I felt Hack Capital would give me the best opportunity to learn from great senior developers and that’s really what I was looking for after the bootcamp.


FCC was a great experience to just get started on certain technologies I wanted to learn and is quite structured so I enjoyed it. I did want to go a bit faster and felt a bootcamp would give me the networking/knowledge to really push it over the hump and it definitely did that for me. You can definitely learn it on your own through FCC but I’d be really scared to hire someone that only did that because they wouldn’t know when to catch themselves when their coding isn’t up to a certain standard.

Thank you for a taking a look and I appreciate all comments / feedback.

If you have any questions about Lighthouse Labs or finding a job in Vancouver you can also message me.


EDIT: I recently made a major change to the website to switch to a jekyll themed site.


Congratulations! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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