Working with E-Commerce and UI & UX

Hello I am a 20 year old with 1 year experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript (React), PHP, MySQL and I love making E-Commerce Websites as I have worked some years ago before starting to learn more programming languages and I was using website builders for E-commerce websites to build and since that I’ve loved creating E-commerce websites and designing websites that don’t require a lot of JavaScript work, because I am not very good with JavaScript, enough to create E-commerce websites from scratch with shopping cart, APIs from payment processors and the rest of the work needed for an E-Commerce website including PHP and MySQL. And I’m working as a Freelancer right now but I will apply after some months for jobs in Germany or in Europe.

And the reason why I don’t wanna work on different types of web development it is because company will work with different clients like Banks, Blockchain, complicated APIs and different stuff that requires a lot of JavaScript knowledge and I’m not so good with that honestly and I just love making E-Commerce Shops and designing websites that don’t require to know JavaScript for like 4-5 years or more and would love to do this in my future job because with other roles I would really struggle.
So could someone who works with this role or tell me if there’s possible to get a job
by working only as UI & UX Designer and E-Commerce shop builder?