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hey guy need . too everything its NOT NULL but I can’t make the game The last one NOT NULL any ideas what I can do ?
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Challenge: World Cup Database - Build a World Cup Database

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what have you tried to fix it?
Some options worth considering:

  • drop the whole column then re-add it
  • alter the column

Please show the code and the error if any

yes I try it to drop but for some reason its not dropping , and there no errors . I don’t know

Can you show the code and output? (I am okay with screenshot if that is what you can do)

I think its because game have no ID could be ??

No the error is clear. You are trying to say that this column should not contain null values but the data inside it is currently null.

You need to drop the rows that have invalid values. (Or modify them to not be null then you can do the altar command)

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it dint work whit modify. but it work whit DROP thank you for you help . have great day