Would anyone like some mentorship?

I wish you to be my mentor I’m just kickstarting my coding career please accept me

Thank you.

I may be seeing this post too late but still :sweat_smile:
I would really need a mentor since I stumble across many things in my coding so if anyone’s free and has some goodwill, I would really appreciate it!
[HTML & CSS so far, I will start learning JS in next couple of days]

Hey, can you be my mentor? I specialized in React Native.
Thank you in advance

I would like some common advice about web development and stuff (still in high school tho and I’m confused about some things). But it would be great to have someone to help me/mentor me ,long story short, I’ll hit you up. :grinning:

Yes sir, would really appreciate your guidance and support. If you still taking on protege. Have been an Italian chef for about 20 years, now I am looking to brake in program developer industry.
Do have an Associate degree in Computer Science back in 2002, I now right, lots have changed, but I still love coding. Its like a big jigsaw puzzle.
Thanks for you time.

I would really want to have a mentor, count me in!

Hi I’m very curious about getting into the tech industry and have gotten started with freecodecamp. Would love get more guidance on what I should be doing to gain employment

thank you sir! If there still a chance then I hope that I could join in ur course .

Hi Jeff! Judging by the number of responses on here, you may already have your hands full, but if you’re still looking for mentees I’m interested! I’m just getting started and still polishing (and sometimes struggling with) HTML and CSS, and I can use all the help I can get.

BTW love that you referenced Matthew Walker’s book Why We Sleep, his work is highly influential to me, and honestly one of the deciding factors when thinking about career possibilities for myself! I agree, everyone should check him out!

Hey there, I am completely new to coding, just have basic school level knowledge of C++ and Java. Here, I passed a few challenges and now on the step to pass Web Design projects.
I would be obliged if someone guides me how to download and use plain CSS or Bootstrap.

Mansi Arora

Definitely i would like to be mentored by you. I am completed my three certification from here(FCC). I was looking for a mentor who could guide . Thanks

I would like to connect with you.

Wow. Lots of responses!

I’ve PM’d a bunch of you already, but if you haven’t heard and you’re interested, feel free to PM me directly!

Right away I’ll suggest: If you are looking for help with a specific tool/language/problem: Use Google and FCC forums to ask for help. I’m not an expert in any of these tools. You’re more likely to get a variety of potential solutions from other places than to just ask me.

Buried in that sentence is this advice: Don’t assume people with “more experience” have more or better answers than you. We all google :wink: Check out this neat video where Steve Jobs gives some great advice: Nobody is smarter than you

If you’re looking for career guidance, or help with understanding how the industry works, I’ll probably be more able to help with that sort of thing.

I’ve noticed some themes in the types of advice people are requesting, so I might write up some articles and post them somewhere to share. In the mean time, feel free to message me directly!

“If you’re looking for career guidance, or help with understanding how the industry works, I’ll probably be more able to help with that sort of thing.”

Perfect, this is the type of advice I’m looking for. PMed you!

hey! I just finished typing up a response to your questions! :slight_smile:

Hello, would love to chat. Learning. Not quite beginner but barely at intermediate. I love it though. I’m doing Udemy but doing freecodecamp for the projects and also because I found I actually learned some things I didnt know in CSS. Started javascript, php and python now…would appreciate any input and look forward to speaking with you.
Thank you

Ahh yes!!.))))!! My goal became a developer, and to be expert in it!!

consider becoming a freecodecamp contributor!

You could be one of the developer authors for Free Code Camp News, you can find everything you need to know in the Publication Style Guide. Alternatively, you can find everything else about contributing to Free Code Camp in the contributing docs.


hi, I’d like some help :slight_smile: still a novice, but every day getting better

I would like to talk about the your mentorship on coding advice and preparation for data science job interviews. Thanks

Thank you for having interest for mentoring new people. Sir i am a a new in this field and if you will help me to guide the perfect way i can really grateful to you. How can i contact with you? Please let me know. Thank you and have a good day.