Would anyone like some mentorship?

Final Edit: A FreeCodeCamp moderator will be closing/locking this thread since it’s gotten a bit old, but feel free to direct-message me. Please do read the rest of this post for some guidelines. In short: Ask some specific questions. Thanks!

Edit 3: I’m putting this at the top. I’m still around, yes. I’m happy to help if I can BUT please do read my entire message before asking for something. That’s doesn’t go just for me, but anytime you ask anything of anyone. If you just say “Yaasss!! Be my mentor plzzz!!!” … it doesn’t give us much to start a conversation.

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Hey all!

I was recently laid off due to covid stuff and I find myself with approximately 40 extra hours per week. Let the funemployment begin! :smile:

With (some of) that extra time I’d like to help out other folks who are getting started with coding and development in general. Whether you intend it as a hobby or looking to get a job in the field, if you think you’d like some kind of mentorship, let me know! Doesn’t have to be anything formal, we can figure it out as we go.

What’s the catch? Aside from dealing with my occasional typos: Nothing really. I had a lot of help from more experienced people when I first started (and still do today!) so this is my small way of “paying it forward”. I’ve had mentees (in person) in the past, but with covid it’s harder to meet with people in person.

A little about me: I have 10 years of professional development experience and an additional 3 as an engineering manager. I’ve worked at a biotech company of 30 people and also at a huge company, Amazon, and a few somewhere in between. I’ve interviewed many people and even hired a few of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If anyone is curious about getting into the tech industry, or getting promoted within it, or really whatever, feel free to shoot me a message. I’m happy to share my knowledge.

Edit: I’ve gotten more responses than I expected. This is good! Don’t worry about being “too late” or stuff like that. If I get overwhelmed I’ll edit the post again to say so. One thing I’ll say is that if you’re looking for advice on a specific tool or language, there are much better resources than me out there :slight_smile: Use the FCC forums! Use Google, stack over flow, etc. If you’re worried about asking a “silly” question publicly, make it a personal challenge for yourself to ask it anyway. A little discomfort will pay off in the long run. Plus, I’ve noticed people are super nice on this forum!

Edit 2: Still happy to answer questions, etc, but do ask something specific. Also, to re-iterate, please use other resources for technology specific questions (“How do I get my XXX to work?” or “Can you help me fix this bug?”).
Also, direct messaging is totally fine.


Hey, I would love to connect and talk about a mentorship!

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Sounds good! I’ll shoot you a PM :slight_smile:


hello!!Can you be my mentor??

Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

I’m going to finish my JavaScript section first and work on React. For the projects, I’d like to go the extra mile, always.

What’s your strength? React? Vue? Backend?

Hey Jeff, I would love to get in contact with you if possible. kkomaz referred me to get in touch with you. I could really use some mentorship :slight_smile:


What would you like mentoring with? We chatted recently about you wanting to join a team/project. How’s that going?


My strength? This smells like an interview question… :wink:

Short answer: My versatility.

I’m not an expert in anything, I’m a generalist. I learn enough about a tool to build quality solutions to problems. Mastering a tool would be a nice side benefit, if it even happens. I knew what every single keyword in C++ did about 10 years ago, but it’s changed so much that I probably couldn’t compile a hello world anymore without googling around lol.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on studying effective teams and organizations. Organizational engineering, if you will.

Do you have any goals in mind for your coding?


I do. Long answer short. I want to switch careers from teaching to Web Development. But I want to build web app / mobile apps for educators around the world. For free.

First thing first, learn JavaScript, HTML/CSS.

I like VueJs a lot. I’ve built a couple of trivial routing web apps with it.

But I came here to FCC to increase my chances with JavaScript. And then React.

At the end, the final project that I would like some mentorship with would be a web app using React.

Short description: A web app that allows teachers create competency based curricula for other educators.


  1. React
  2. Firebase


  1. MERN




Django, Vue/React

@jsphkm Yeah kkmoaz mentioned it, I sent you a PM a little bit ago :slight_smile:

That’s an awesome goal!
I actually have a soft spot for teaching, I volunteer on a board for a local college to help them shape their curriculum :man_teacher:

I’ll shoot you a PM and we can keep discussing :+1:

Hey jefejeff, sorry you were caught in the layoffs, but you seem to be in great spirits and with 10 years on your resume, it does seem like a funemployment situation.

I’m suffering from burnout at the moment as I’ve been coding almost from 8am to 2am nonstop. I am gainfully employed and will be going into a new dev position but I think there needs to be some time to live.

sorry you were caught in the layoffs, but you seem to be in great spirits

Honestly, overall I feel I’m lucky. I know plenty of people who were also laid off and have work visa issues, or tougher financial issues, etc. The fact that I can spend some time on here and share my experience with a few people that have reached out is awesome.

I am gainfully employed and will be going into a new dev position

Congrats on the new position! Is it your first dev role or moving from one to another?

I’m suffering from burnout at the moment

Burnout is a very real thing. I’ve seen it a number of times in different aspects of life, not just coding/work.

There’s a venn diagram I share with my teammates and mentees to talk about different places you can find yourself based on how you balance your life. Burnout is right on there :slight_smile:


I know you haven’t asked for advice, but note the difference (at least on this diagram) between burnout and a lack of purpose. Both can feel… bad.

If those times you shared aren’t a typo, it sounds like you’re sleeping less than 6 hours per night? That’ll wear you down for sure. In the short term, but definitely in the long term. If you have time, check out a book called Why We Sleep. Might change your perspective on whether that’s a good idea or not, even in the short term :sleeping: One of my biggest takeaways from that book is that being sleep deprived has a similar effect to being drunk. If you’ve ever met a drunk person that insists they aren’t that drunk, you’ve seen the effect. Similarly, we’re not able to discern that we’re sleep deprived when we’re sleep deprived. :exploding_head:

If you’d like some advice for the burnout stuff (or whatever) let me know. I’ve been there too!

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Good day well am relatively new to coding currently learning javascript on Fcc I would love to be mentored through this journey My goal is to be able to develop Web and Mobile Applications Maybe web based Games as well i would love if i could get on a team to build real projects as well too ,Any help i get would go a long way

@mayowa Great!

My goal is to be able to develop Web and Mobile Applications Maybe web based Games as well

My guess is you’re still figuring out what you like? Choose one and run with it, see what you like and what you don’t. Then try something else if the first doesn’t work out. I recommend avoiding the problem of spreading yourself too thin at first. It’ll be harder to get a feel for something otherwise.

i would love if i could get on a team to build real projects as well too

If you want to try a team of sorts, see if you can’t find an open source project to start contributing to. Even if it sounds intimidating, just go for it. Some projects even have “good for beginner” type labels on their github issues. Here’s one example from the Ava project: https://github.com/avajs/ava/labels/good%20for%20beginner

Probably googling around will also find other good ones. I’d try “open source project for beginner” or something like that.

I would love to be mentored through this journey

Feel free to PM me with any other help I can offer. Worst case you stump me and I have no ideas :slight_smile:


@jefejeff i would try Ava out but as regards sending you a pm do i like send you a mail or something

Hi @jefejeff jefejeff I would really love to take you up on the offer, I’ve been self-learning web development and computer science but I’m not exactly sure how to break into the tech industry. At least to get some experience. So your advice would be awesome!

I’m looking to get into my first role in dev, I’m a bootcamp grad, but I would love for someone more senior to review my resume. Would I be able to shoot it over to you to see maybe why I’m not getting any leads.

Hello @jefejeff , do you think you still have some spare time? I’d really be grateful for mentorship (not sure what that could be practically) and\or advice.
I suppose it’s more on burnout/lack of purpose side or lack of discipline maybe.
I was detemined to get into web-dev, and I still am, but it feels like I’m got kinda lost on the way.
Could you give me a hand with that, and help to try to get out of ‘learnig labyrinth’?

Hi Jeff! That sounds great!!!

hey, i’m just starting out really could use your help if thats okay