Would using snake_case be looked down upon?

I find it easier to read than camelCase. camelCase is the convention though. Reading elsewhere, other devs mention it’s what you stick to and stay consistent with that’s important. But they’re probably not non-CS guys looking for that first job.

Do you think coding JS in snake case could be seen as a mark against you? If so I can definitely use camelCase instead.

The standard convention is to use camelCase. It won’t break anything, but is there any point ignoring the convention? You personally may find it easier to read, and that’s ok if you only ever write code that you will see, but inevitably that’s not going to be the case. It’s not an uncommon thing — if I were working with you I would just assume you were originally a Python or Ruby developer & just politely ask you to rename everything, and I think this would be the standard reaction

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Just be consistent. In your job, you’ll mostly be working on existing codebases and the rule is the same there — just be consistent, even if the project’s style is different from your favourite one (in the sense of adapting).

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If you end up working for a company, they’ll have naming standards that you will be required to follow. When you’re working on your own stuff, do what you like.