Wouldn't it be smarter...maybe?

Please don’t think I’m insane, learning all of this from scratch is challenging enough, no doubt, but wouldn’t it be smarter (which perhaps also means harder) if -

/* add your code below this line */

/* add your code above this line */

…actually weren’t shown?

Just thinking (and I don’t really want to make it harder) but it might help people like me to do the analysis of where code, attributes, etc, etc need to be input rather than just showing me where it has to go?

No feedback needed, just thinking.

Cheers, Tony

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I agree with where your coming from. The issue is that people will not know what to do on many of the challenges, where to actually put their code. The forum (and chatrooms and Facebook groups) would then become absolutely swamped with people asking why their code didn’t work because it was written in entirely the wrong place or they’d deleted some important part of the provided code. This already happens a with hints, and removing them…well, I value my sanity, so I don’t think it’s a very good idea. If you want an example, the uncomment HTML challenge doesn’t have hints, if you search the forums for “uncomment html”, you might get an idea of where I’m coming from.

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Ahhhh, logic. Hard to argue and I’ve no doubt you’re right, but punching thru some of these lessons it puzzled me that I’d learn more if there was less of a road map in front of me. I hear you, thanks for your thoughts. Cheers

I totally understand why you would say that: I would, when learning, rather it be the way you say (and tbh allow for any valid solution, not just the sometimes very specific ways solutions have to be submitted). I think another issue then though is that the descriptions have to be spot on: be completely clear, with good examples, and not give too much away, and this becomes a huge issue when you have learners for whom English is a second language. I don’t think there’s one good answer here - there are various ways of approaching it, and they’ve all got upside and downside.

It may be your code needs to be in a specific location before FCC software can check it.