Write a program to compute R∞

Hi, I’m really stuck on this code I have to write on python. could someone help? Thankyou

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Hi the first picture is a different example of a while loop

Ok, what code do you have so far for computing R_infty?

i have this but i’m not sure how to do the while loop

Please post your code instead of a picture of your code - it makes it much, much easier for us to help.

As to the calculations, what happened as you plotted a to show the different values of R_n?

i’m also confused why they put for i in range (n-1) is it from 50 counting down

I havent managed to calculate the values as i’m really confused

This is an interactive version of your code:
repl.it link

# Setup variables
r = 100.0
s = 10000.0
n = 50
a = [r + s] # R_1

# Calculate R_n
for i in range(n - 1):
  a.append(r + s*a[-1]/(s + a[-1]))

# Plot
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

So what does the graph show is happening to R_n?

r_n is going to infinity ?

I think you may be misinterperting the graph. The x axis of the graph shows n. So as n gets bigger, the curve representing R_n does what?

so R_n vs n showing as n increases R_n decreases?


Yes, but decreases to where? Does it keep decreasing forever?

I promise, my question here has a purpose. Once you can describe what happens to R_n as n gets bigger and bigger, then you can make a loop that computes R_infty.

no it intersects at about 10000

Ok, so how about making the while loop generate values of R_n for bigger and bigger values of n until the values of R_n stop changing? Then you’ll have R_infty.

careful, that is R_0
you want R_infy, so the value to the right of the diagram

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Right, different number of 0s

so i change the value of n?