Wrong Links of Certification Projects in College Algebra with Python

The 5 certification projects of this new course need to be done with shared Google Colab notebooks. The links for Multi-Function Calculator, Graphing Calculator and Financial Calculator are well, but in Three Math Games and Data Graph Explorer, the links point to an empty newly created Colab notebook. Something wrong with that?

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Thank you for taking the time to mention this.

I have opened an issue on the curriculum repository: [college-algebra-with-python]: missing colab links · Issue #50049 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

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Thanks for quick response. :grinning:

Thanks for changing the instruction. Now it’s clear that the Three Math Games and Data Graph Explorer projects are meant to be created from scratch. But I think there are still issues with the other three projects, and I will open other topic to raise it.

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