Wrong solution for Responsive Web Design

the solution for this exercise is WRONG !

the solution string given was “pegiun” instead of the given string in the class which was “penguin”.

Just a spelling error, I don’t know if this is the correct place to report it or not but I’m just submitting this here to let y’all know.

please don’t bully me, sob sob I’m new :pleading_face: :raised_hand:

Hi @zackyzr !

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In directions it does say there is a spelling error.
But it also says to just ignore it and add the fall back value of black.

freeCodeCamp directions
Rather than fix the typo, add a fallback value of black to the background property of the .penguin-top and .penguin-bottom classes.

Probably what happened is that the team at the time decided to leave the typo in there and just acknowledge it in the directions so users know about it.

Hope that helps! :grinning:

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Just to be clear, the typo is intentional.

It is used to show how a fallback works. It would work for an invalid property, or value, or in a browser that doesn’t support custom properties.

But you are certainly not the first to think it isn’t intentional, which makes me think it can be made more clear.

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