Your thoughts on Bootstrap 5 UI Kits


I’m starting a new website project with Bootstrap 5 and definitely need specific components that Bootstrap doesnt offer (mainly forms related functionnalities)
I’ve never used Bootstrap UI Kits before, and ofcourse there are a lot of possibilities, at very different pricing too.
I would like to have your opinions or feedbacks about the one you have used and would recommend or not.
(Webpixel, MDBootstrap, Codyhouse, …)
Currently there is still less choice for Bootstrap 5, should I even develop with Bootstrap 4 instead ?

Thanks a lot !

Bootstrap is a free open source front-end-framework to develop faster,easier,responsive web pages, and mobile-first websites.

At least that’s what it claims, that’s what it’s advertised as. What things are advertised to do and what they actually do is usually very different.

Your question asks an opinion on it. In my opinion is a bunch of BS. Code is code. The speed computers gather and calculate data now in 2022 is timed in a matter of a very small percentage of milliseconds. Unless your website has a ton of very high-definition graphics on it that are a large physical and file size it’s not going to be slow to anyone that’s going to really matter. There will always be that one (nerd) or even a few people that will have some kind of complaint or nit pick about something regardless of what we do or how we do it.

A fact: There are tons of free code examples online we can copy paste and use on our websites. There’s an overwhelming amount of free code on an overwhelming amount of free sites. You don’t have to pay for something unless it’s your choice to support a particular developer or company and buy it instead of using a free version of the same thing you’re probably able to find somewhere else.

You also don’t have to stick with only using Bootstrap. You can use any form or syntax of code (that works) you want. Me, personally, I use a bunch of different styles of syntax everywhere on all my projects.
The thing that matters to me is that it works, the front-end looks decent, and it doesn’t have super slow load times. If it does have slow load times one of the easiest ways to speed it up is to use text instead of images everywhere we can. We can use CSS (text) styling to make things look like an image that are not an image.

Overall: Do what you like. Do what you want. It’s your website, your project. Your opinion of it is the only one that truly matters.

Well, I have used one.
It was Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit by ThemeSelection.

My Personal experience was really good with it and I recommended it to my colleagues as well.

You can check it here: Free Figma Bootstrap 5 UI Kit.

I hope you find it helpful…!!

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