1) Tribute Page (finished)

Hello! I’m a very new coder, I have very basic knowledge (from what I learned around at the age of 14-15). I just managed to finish my Tribute page, could you guys give feedback(s) for the page? If there’s ways I can code cleaner or something? Thanks.

Ps. I like minimal modern designs so kind of went for something like that. (pen link below)


You should center everything.

I like minimalism too.

The image is placed perfectly.
Things to improve -
1> The font is too small for users to read, make it a little big and responsive too
2> Center the list properly, it shrinks down when in mobile version.
3> The text under photo has a background color make the width of that to match with the image border.

When you’ll make changes it will look good.

Hi @maaniu.musthafa, one thing you can work on is getting all the tests to pass.

  • Currently your page passes 9/10 user stories.
  • Except under certain circumstances it’s an error for an img element to not have an alt attribute.
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links
    • ‘wikipedia page’ is not accessible
  • On small screens your “tribute” info is one word per line. You can work on that.