1 Tribute page project finished


Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I finished my first project, the tribute page.
any feedback is welcomed if you have a moment to spare.
easter egg: notice the photo…


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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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In the end of the page, the text “For more resources…” and it’s contents look too apart from each other. Maybe you would make their horizontal alignment the same (justify or centralized) or increase the title’s width a little more.
Keep up to the good work.

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Hi @ZTD!
I like your project, congratulations on your work!:clap::clap:
But nevertheless, your tribute page should fulfill the user stories specified and get all of the tests (currently only passes the first test).

Review the specifications of the project and you will see that you can easily implement them.:muscle::wink:

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Hi Marta!
From doing some other learning from different resources I have seen that most people prefer to see class over ID, so that’s what I stuck with for sake of being consistent in my code, also to be able to reuse portions of the CSS for those elements. Given that, the div, anchor, etc are present under classes rather than the ID. I have seen some videos directly from FCC where they did not use all the ID stuff either and it was passing for the project.

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thanks, thats something i put down for now as no methods of movement are working on them. will try more later, but inline or CSS has no effect for some reason.