10 major freeCodeCamp improvements that are live now

@ArielLeslie, you mention in your comment (that I cannot reply to for some reason) that I should try doing a “hard refresh”. Could you please explain what you mean by this? I tried logging in with another browser and my submitted solutions are not on my account. I do not see any of my previous progress or projects. Thanks for your help.

Hard refresh means that you remove the saved cache of the website either by F5 + CTRL or cleaning history.

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me tooo! T_T

over a hundred hours of progress… poooof! gone.

It’s probably in Dora’s backpack. jk! I want the map back and my solutions to my completed challenges!

Great work people!!! Its very hard to find words how awesome are things you done.

I also think having access to past challenge solutions on our profile is important. I think having the challenge code show the solution is less important, but helpful if it’s possible.

I can only find these issues in GitHub:

I wonder if the solutions not being accessible has anything to do with: Announcement: Viewing and sharing solutions from user profiles is temporarily disabled. That issue was resolved and I remember seeing the solutions on the beta site in my beta profile.

Looking into closed issues, I found Update way we store solutions and completed challenges on user records:

“completedChallenges” an array of objects that have:

  • challenge id
  • timestamp of completion
  • Solution (if an algorithm or a project (challenge type 3, 4, 5))

I wonder if that last bullet point means that most challenge solutions will no longer be shown/saved?

emmm… I was losing all my progress,how can I get them back?

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I will be fully honest here. I hope that “show solution” by using “hint” never comes back.

Hints were good as help for developers if they found something hard but showing the solution by using it was never good for developers. I see a lot of people who never try to solve them, they just copy the solutions directly, I know that showing solution can improve the skills but most of people don’t do that, instead they just copy and paste and don’t understand what the code even means.

Now that it’s gone(hopefully, forever) developers now will find “ask for help” option more helpful which will increase the skills even further by discussing and exchanging informations, instead of just “Oh, this test seems so hard, well, I will just copy the solution by using “hint” without even thinking”

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@OGTechnoBoy I’m only talking about the solutions that one has completed themselves showing on the profile page, just to be clear.

Oh ok then. I thought you were talking about ready solutions.

I have a new question, how do I get to the projects in the front end certification? When I view the curriculum I don’t see them and there are no links in the progress section. Again, is there any kind of guide to using this new interface? I have to say I am not a fan and would have liked a little heads up or something before the changes were made.



i cant see my previous progress it force me to start from first step all my progress ,challenges are lost… need help

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Not to be too critical, but why wait hours for someone to personally explain something to you instead of jut googling “how to do a hard refresh in browser”?

Congrats guys on the release and thanks for all your hard work! :smile:

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I was just about done with the front-end development part. I’m just finishing up the Simon game when i will probably go back and work through the new stuff. lol One of my finish lines was just in front of me a second again.

At first, I was shocked to suddenly see the new look but in a few minutes, I literally fell in love with all the new stuff. Everything that has been changed is amazing. I love freecodecamp!
Thank you, Quincy, thanks a lot!


You are right.The previous code editor looks much better.

As much as I hate to admit it, I must agree with the others who preferred the previous code editor, progress map, and dark theme :frowning:

I do want to say that I’m still really grateful for all of the hard work you’ve put in to expand the course and for it existing at all - this is an amazing resource and to have access to it all for free is amazing in this day and age.

Hope you’re able to iron out the visual design :+1:

edit: The code completion feature is pretty swish - very handy!

Oh, and another thank you for your privacy policies and very open compliance with GDPR - just proves even more you’re some of the good guys in tech


This all sounds fantastic! I’m looking forward to going through the new curriculum in more detail. Great job freeCodeCamp team!

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Thank you for all your work on the improvements to freeCodeCamp.

I have encountered some issues with the new user experience. The most critical issues so far have to do with usability of the interface on small screens.

I have noted that I used to be able to work on challenges on my phone. The mobile view looks very broken now. See my comments on this GitHub issue: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/17313#issuecomment-393551926

The updated Settings and Portfolio pages are vast changes from the previous UX and UI designs. I saw the button to “Download all your data” as I wanted to confirm that all the solutions that I had submitted had actually been deleted from the system. I downloaded the JSON file and used http://jsonprettyprint.com/ to help make the code more legible. Of the hundreds of challenges completed so far, only five challenges saved the solution. For me, that was the most valuable data on the site.

I am now grateful that I started saving my solutions to a GitHub repository. https://github.com/bauhouse/freecodecamp-challenges/tree/master/frontend

However, I did not save everything. Is there a way to retrieve the old data and restore these solutions to the user profiles? For those who did not back up their data, I imagine this loss would be devastating.

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