100-day coding challenge - We can do it!

Yesterday was Day 1 of my 100-day coding challenge.

Day 1: 18-August-2023
Day 100: 28-November-2023

A little about me: I’m a 33-year-old maritime professional with a Master’s Degree in Maritime Transportation. I want to change my job and become a developer in Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning. I have been studying Python for around 4 months now, but I decided it’s time to up my game and kick it into overdrive!

I’m hyperfocused on building a great portfolio and landing my first job. :kissing_heart:

Here’s the fun part - the rules! :scroll:

Rule #1: I commit to coding for a minimum of 8 hours every day for the next 100 days.

Rule #2: I commit to encouraging at least 2 other people who are taking the challenge each day, using Twitter or any other means.

Rule #3: I’ll show my progress every day with the #100DaysOfCode hashtag on Twitter or using other methods, and I’ll post a brief summary of what I did the previous day and what I plan to do today. Yippee!

Rule #4: For each additional hour of coding I do each day, I’ll reward myself with things I like. For each 10-day streak successfully completed, I’ll reward myself with things I like. :gift:

:partying_face: That’s it for the rules. Anyone who wants to join me on this amazing journey is more than welcome. Teamwork and networking are super important! I’m rooting for each and everyone of you amazing people :hugs:

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Day 1 update: 18 August

  • Attempted to make an image unscrambling app in Python to qualify for the Coding Jam. I hit what I thought was a dead-end with the edge detection algorithm, so I switched to starting the FreeCodeCamp curriculum with Lesson 1. The submission deadline for this is 23 August, so I might give it another shot until then, just for kicks. :laughing:

  • I’m at 90% completion of the Cat Photo App from the Responsive Web Design course - also using GPT-4 side by side to explain concepts I don’t understand. It’s super optimistic and encouraging!

Here’s a custom prompt i’m using with GPT4, it’s given it a great personality:

You are an upbeat, enthusiastic, encouraging tutor who helps students understand by explaining ideas and asking students questions. Only ask one question at a time. Ask their learning level: high school student, a college student or a professional? Wait for response. Then ask what they know already about the topic. Wait for response. Given this information, help them understand topic by providing explanations, examples, analogies. These should be tailored to their learning level and prior knowledge or what they already know about the topic. Give students explanations, examples, and analogies about the concept to help them understand. You should guide students in an open-ended way. Do not provide immediate answers or solutions to problems but help students generate their own answers by asking leading ques

Ask students to explain their thinking. If the student is struggling or gets the answer wrong, try asking them to do part of the task or remind the student of their goal and give them a hint. If students improve, then praise them and show excitement. If the student is struggling or gets the answer wrong, then be encouraging, try asking them to do part of the task or remind the student of their goal and give them a hint.

Here’s the Midjourney image i made especially for Day 1 (it’s not really me :wink: ):partying_face:

Prompt: Beginner data scientist, studying machine learning and artificial intelligence on day 1 of my 100 day coding journey

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Welcome to the fCC community!

I am sure any serious coders will jump at the opportunity for the challenge and support offered by your challenge.

You are now part of an amazing group of people from the top down to learners.

Almost every person is supportive of each other in this amazing organization of staff, leaders, moderators and learners.

I won’t be joining your challenge, as I do not subscribe to Facebook, Twitter (or whatever it is called now with all of the changes there), Instagram, nor any other social media.

Wishing great success and many blessings on your path of coding. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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Thank you for your kind words and taking the time from your busy schedule to write them!

Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm, and i’m a pro at doing that.

We got this! I’m rooting for you :hugs: :people_hugging:

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Thank you, kindly.

I am cheering you on, as you travel this journey.

Free Code Camp is a blessing for all of us.

If you have the time and desire, you may wish to view, on You Tube, The Story Of Free Code Camp. I found it very inspirational, as are all of the podcast and stories.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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When I saw this, the first thing I thought is “that is unhealthy and unreasonable”. But now I see that on the official website it is only one hour every day, so at least they aren’t pushing something so drastic. If you can really do 8 hours a day for the next 100 days then more power to you!


Summary of Day #2 of ⁠the #100-days-of-code

Having great fun coding and learning new things, aswell as networking. We can do this everyone! :people_hugging:

Here’s what i’ve been up to:

  • Built a Cat Photo Website on FreeCodeCamp.
  • Used the skills I gained to make a skeleton of my personal portfolio website.
  • I then continued with learning basic CSS by building a Cafe Menu. When I finish this part, I’ll apply what I learned to my new portfolio website. :slight_smile:
  • Cleaning the HTML code on my portfolio website based on what i learned from the CSS module.
  • Ended the day with generating images from Undraw, Cool Backgrounds, and Midjourney to apply what I learned about CSS to build my portfolio website.
  • Added Rule #5 to my #100DaysOfCode: At the end of each course from FreeCodeCamp, and before moving on to the next, I have to put into practice what I just learned by making my own project.
  • GPT4 is helping me all the way with explaining CSS/ HTML concepts in an easy, fun and exciting way.

Here’s my Midjourney motivational image for today:
Prompt: Day 3 of 100 day coding challenge


I’m back!

During the last 2 days other life things got in the way and was quite busy!

Here’s my latest progress updates:

  • Completed the CSS Colors by markers course
  • Here are my 2 latest projects to reinforce what i have done:

Dr John Doe, Data Scientist: https://codepen.io/AviatorSea/pen/QWzjLmM?editors=1100

Dr. Ada Quantum: https://codepen.io/AviatorSea/pen/RwENWPL?editors=0100

These websites don’t scale well and are not responsive i.e. they only look good at certain zoom levels. I don’t know how to fix this as of now, so i’m going to progress to the next courses to learn that ! Yay! This is so much fund, CSS is amazing :wink: :partying_face:

Thank you everyone for supporting me on this amazing journey. Any feedback is ofcourse welcome. Let’s have a great day!

Here’s my inspirational quote to motivate me for today:

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe
Just like in coding, you don’t have to know everything to begin. It’s all about taking that first step and learning as you go. You’ve got basic knowledge, and that’s a fantastic starting point!


Here i am on Day 9 of my journey!

What i’ve been up to:

  • List item Completed the course to make a Registration form with HTML/CSS

  • List item Made the form on my own portfolio website

  • List item Used Python and Flask to make the backend side on my local machine

  • List item Stored the form on an sqlite DB through Python and Flask

Here’s the project uploaded on my Github :partying_face: : GitHub - AviatorSea/Portfolio_website_v3: Portfolio_website_v3

I can’t use codespace anymore because it only supports frontend sadface

Loving it! My first glimpse of the full front-backend process. My first project done from beginning to end by myself. We can do this!

Here’s my Day 9 motivational :partying_face:

Code is the ink, the web is the canvas, and as a motivated full-stack developer, you’re not just writing lines; you’re composing a symphony that plays across the vast universe of interconnected devices.

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Omg. That’s so rad! love it!


Thank you for the very kind words. Let’s collaborate! What are you up to? :partying_face:

So here i am on Day 10! Super excited to start the day, and pumped for the limitless possibilities lying ahead!

Here’s what i’m up to :point_down:

  • List item As part of the Responsive Web Design course, i’m doing the Survey Form project. Let’s kick it into high gear! :person_cartwheeling: :racing_car:

I already did my own form as a project, including the backend in python as i said yesterday here: 100-day coding challenge - We can do it! - #9 by qigonggabi

So will be super fun.

If anyone want to network and collab, let’s do it!

Here’s my inspirational quote for the day: > “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” - Linus Torvalds

Now, let’s make today a day of learning and progress, shall we? :smile:

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It’s fascinating that I also walking on my journey at day 8 now (10 if I count the other days that I’m not tracking yet) and found another people at the other part of this universe doing exactly the same as me. But you take your step way forward! I think it’s a good idea to build something out of what we know for now. I definitely will try to build my own project as I learn, thanks to your idea :wink:

And let’s keep learning (together) :smiling_face:

(sorry for my broken english, I’m trying my best haha)


Hello everyone,

Admitedly i haven’t been able to get in the 8 hours / day as i initially planned - real life gets in the way. That doesn’t mean i haven’t coded every single day in the past week four 3-4 hours / day, it only means i haven’t been able to get to 8.

I haven’t posted updates because i’ve been focusing on actually coding when i had the time, but here’s what i’ve been up to:

  • List item Completed Learn Typography by building a Nutrition Label - super fascinating stuff, especially since i love nutrition :partying_face:

  • List item Completed my own project based on what i learned in the last few modules, here it is: https://codepen.io/AviatorSea/pen/yLGaJdp?editors=1100
    I’m super happy with this one, i like how it looks - alot - and i like that it’s responsive and scales well.

I used GPT4 to make Dr Ada’s Backstory and i found it hilarious :laughing:

Oh, and i found 2 things that motivated me in the last few days:

Quincy’s own detailed journey into landing his first job, aswell as not needing a CS Bachelor’s really got me motivated: How to Learn to Code & Get a Developer Job [Full Book]

FreeCodeCamp will have it’s own self-paced 4 year accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, just wow :exploding_head: and also 100% free! : freeCodeCamp University Degrees Update

Onwards and upwards! :rocket:

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Thanks for the encouragement!

So, basicly what people keep repeating to me over and over again: always have your own projects.

Also Quincy was told the same thing here: How to Learn to Code & Get a Developer Job [Full Book]

If you read, the guy at that meetup said to Quincy:

Always have a project, then learn what you need to make it.

And he gave Quincy 1-2 days to finish a project, then move to the next. Don’t leave unfinished projects, struggle with them and you will have things to show in your portfolio, you will also see your skills grow as you will have a timeline of your projects over time, and you will also become better at problem solving.

So, back to this quote:

Always have a project then learn what you need to make it.

Each time i finish 1-2 modules in FreeCodeCamp Curriculum (those things where you have 30-60 slides) i go and build my own unique project. So far i’ve done about 6-7, each time getting alot better!

Day #17 on my #100DaysCodingChallenge !

Everything is going Purrfect :cat2: :cat:

  • Learned about how to make my website accessible (yay!) :kissing_cat:

  • Completed the Tribute page - the second certification project under my belt :partying_face: Meet Sir Fluffington McWhiskerstein, found as a kitten inside an old wizard’s hat :point_right: https://codepen.io/AviatorSea/pen/oNJYBVJ?editors=1100

Moving on to the next challenge, on wards and upwards! :person_fencing: :crossed_swords:

Motivational quote from Sir Fluffington McWhiskerstein and Lady Purrington themselves:

“Life is like a ball of yarn. Unravel it with curiosity, bat it with excitement, and always—yes, always—chase it with reckless abandon. Pawsitively purr-fect!”

– Sir Fluffington McWhiskerstein, Purrveyor of Whimsy, Grand Maestro of the Dance Floor, and Benevolent Overlord of Catnip Estates

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Unbelievable! your so talented :partying_face: :star_struck: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:!!! Gave me inspiration to farther complete my own tribute page…
Just as a side point, I noticed that your img div content concedes the size of your div when viewed in a smaller window. Also I’m not sure if you didn’t use a wrong wiki link by accident because it doesn’t seem to match up to the content displayed on the page. Again I might be mistake…
I’m not sure how much code you knew before starting but you seem to be moving at an amazing fast pace :tram:! I love your Tribute page!

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Thanks for the awesome feedback! I used GPT4 to generate the backstory for Sir Fluffington :kissing_closed_eyes: I was laughing the entire time during the project :grinning:

So about this:

Just as a side point, I noticed that your img div content concedes the size of your div when viewed in a smaller window

Oh darn, great call! I just checked it on my smartphone and it looks ugly as a … :sweat_smile:
I’ll search for a way to fix that tomorrow, thanks alot for pointing it out! I never bothered to check on different devices. Note to myself: i should also check it on different browsers !
Great lesson learned, i’m on it ser! :saluting_face:

Note to self #2 == Gotta install Ubuntu on a pen drive and get familiar with it for coding :cat2:

How about you, how is your journey going?

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Om my God !!!:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
So that’s funny, I couldn’t stop laughing :rofl: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:
I can’t believe that Sir Fluffington McWhiskers is actually fake, and I thought that he was some cool movie character I knew nothing about :rofl: :rofl: :joy:!

Yup, coding projects are the best way to learn as solving issues we run into make it easier the next time round. :+1:

Thanks for asking, Its going great as for as I can see :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I completed my tribute page, though I have yet to style it and Iv gotten a great start on java script as well!
Looking forward to seeing your future updates :grin:!

Great to hear you’re progressing so fast! Let’s kick it into high gear and engage in warp speed :rocket: :woman_astronaut:

On a sidenote, i fixed the img element to stay within the parent container - and all it took was :joy::

img {
    max-width: 100%; /* Ensure the image doesn't exceed its container */
    height: auto; /* Maintain the image's aspect ratio */

Oh, and i learned another super useful tool: Inspect :point_right: view as mobile device. Killer feature in your browser dev tools! No need to check on my phone everytime, yikes!

“Chase your dreams, never stop!” :rocket::dizzy::smile:

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Yup, going strong!
Great job fixing your image :confetti_ball:!!!
That code editor ; what is it called. And its got so many buttons, is it difficult to use? cause that tool you find is mega-cool but I dont think visual studio code has it.

" Follow your dreams, stay in bed!" :sparkling_heart: :zzz: :thought_balloon:

kidding, Lol😂 …