Think before you code... How do you plan for your coding? (journal Entries)

Getting back into… Hold on, I just had to read the “Your topic is similar to…” No, I don’t see a similar top at this time. So I’m the first, lol.

I have not started going through my Gantt Chart (it’s been a while).

I’ve practiced coding like C++, PHP, Python (briefly). But have not worked on it in the the real world :confused:

Is this the journey to go through the barriers?

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That’s great to know. I had to read your words out loud to get the reassurance.

Looking forward as I’m at “HTML5 and CSS / Set the ID of an Element / 43”. Most likely in time, I will be asking questions within this forum about what it is that I don’t know, or not familiar with, most likely after the HTML5 and CSS. I’m sure more within “Responsive Design with Bootstrap” (just guessing because I have not used Bootstrap, but it may be an easy learn, we’ll see.

And definitely looking forward to the… Enough talk, I just got to go through, as I said out loud.


Thank you for the further insight @P1xt

<Exclamation-- Thinking in code as I’m writing, I wonder if I put in the whole if it would interfere with the “main” (global) html in some way with the use of this internal (local) HTML and very soon CSS to make all this look pretty, including the social media side of it with #hashtags.
Looking forward to putting Javascript within this perspective. Extensive #codehours within Codecademy (Looking forward to getting back to them on Javascript Objects 1 and 2 when I put in more emphasis on it within FCC.
I can and will go further with my story for I am a #writer (I dumbed out on some #opportunities on that, but as I admit that, I will overcome that and various obstacles as I continue my journey -->

This is kingzLoFitness, pardon me Racket INK.

<-- This is the title as I'm relearning code (this was actually the start of my writing by the way), I'm putting it in perpsective. As I saw within textbooks I've studied, I noticed that the #author would have the #comments at the top of the code or both the top and bottom. Not sure if I saw any "commented coding (#pseudocode) from the bottom up. -->

<-- 1stParagraph --> Although I'm back in FCC (Free Code Camp's forum to read up on some articles based on fellow programmers at various levels), yesterday was church and a CCC member invited me to their church to do what he does as a member would, for he foresee's me doing that and networking in a sense (just my thoughts, been there and done that for a minute at another church for a while). So I said to myself, "as I'm on FCC (and I've received a great sense of direction), maybe there's an ACC for art", although I'm familiar with a few art forums like DA (DeviantArt). That reminds me that I have to go further with some of my artwork side (as you can see within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etcetera - Official Site (I had to put that in for this is the first time writing in there and it says that it is the "Official Site").

<-- endOf1stParagraph -->

<-- 2ndParagraph --> So in addition to posting my development skills within my Art, I will put my coding skills within that perspective. Matter of fact I'm going to do this within this post I just posted. Thinking in #code.

<-- endOf1stParagraph --> <-- When this becomes a part of my website (I had to think about that for a moment), it would seem to be a great starting point to that path of coding. Oh and within FCC, this is my path I've gone on (what I've decided last night between 3 different guides. Thanks for the guidance to further my journey @P1xt Free Code Camp... -->

And yes I see that this is 3 months later, I was caught up at The Odin Project up until the redirection within Codecady and Javascript (up until Object 1 and Object 2 (but learned a little something with objects and array prior on Codecademy)).

Time to continue my journey from here for I’m familiar with Web Development and studied Computer Information Systems prior to that (B.P.S) and more curious with Computer Science and maybe branching out to Video Game Programming and Design (just a thought):

Main focus right now is the above quote as I’m going through this paths, More talk on that…

–> I almost redirected myself over to codeSchool just now from a redirection. I’m focusing on the guide I just posted.

I’m at Tier 1 Getting Started with the mix of:

YDKJS Up and Going - I’m familiar with coding in JavaScript via Codecademy (latest prior practice) and various other books. So within this first book I’m extremely familiar, so I’m breezing thorough it (of course RIF’n it as well).

CS50 (Harvard class - lecture / notes / projects)
Week 1 - I have to turn back to Week 0 for it has a lot of great information and practice with SCRATCH (visual programming), even if it is just refresher information, it is practical (visually). And although I’m familiar with C, as I dabbled with it in the past, I have not put it into play. And I’m looking forward to how they created their own library as they are calling to it for their function to run.

They have great notes and transcripts I need to look over / read over to get a better handle, for although I’m able to hear the Professor quite well (someone complained that he speaks fast), I still have to read over the notes they offer (saved in my folder exclusively for this guide).

Online Tutorial - Learn to Code HTML & CSS (see within the guide (above this post))
Reason for taking that is because I was looking at the “CLONE my Resume” and I’m going in slow motion in the beginning with writing my code and I’m familiar with the whole thing, I just haven’t gone into this level of seeing another and create my own version. I’ve just been “cloning” (as I’m sure we all have done for some time). So I’m looking over the website and cloning once again, but going much faster in that perspective and will sure to get a better handle of HTML/CSS like the Pros.

Going through Tier 1 by itself I’m sure this will lead me to getting my foot in the door as a “Front End Developer” or some similar title (and even Freelance again, as I did years ago). And looking forward to further practical studies with the other Tier’s within the Guide above.

I’m also an up and coming designer, for I’ve gone into self studying with that, but that is another story that should connect with all of this soon. Interested - see Sketch works on instagram via RacketINK. Practicing on digital sketching with my trusty old Wacom (the small version that is drawn on which may be more difficult than on the larger ones, so practice on that will be a breeze when I upgrade and continue practicing)).

Physical fitness is also necessary in this line of work. I focused on working out as well and really need to balance that with CODING because putting in hours sitting (or even standing as I go back and forth with this line of work) does take a tole on the body and the body needs to be physically active, otherwise it will take a toll on the body. Especially if you put your body to higher levels of training as I have.

As the rules apply with coding, it applies to ones health; “NEVER STOP TRAINING!” (a quote I heard from Cartoon Network’s robot character as I watched Dragon Ball Z a few months ago and it stuck to me.)

Time to get back to my journey in coding. Further talk on it later.

P.S. I’m also focused on Git(hub), as well, to post my works up and coming. This is a Prerequisite within the Guide above.

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As I’m thinking before coding. I was looking over my progress and was wondering to myself, “what’s the next action?” (a perspective from Getting Things Done by David Allen.)

I was thinking to myself at first “Time to get into the lecture within CS50” (week 2), but then I didn’t even touch the prior weeks Problem Sets as of yet. The notes are already created for me, so there is no need to take any, but to review it and the slides of the lecture (and maybe the video lectures, the shorts).

The I looked over the HTML/CSS from shayHowe, and saw where I left off with “Lesson 5 Positioning Content”.

Further, I did a review over what I went through with Git(Hub) (the as I’ve taken notes as I worked through the tutorial, I have not worked on my own terminal as of yet (although I did a practice within “The Odin Project” prior to coming back here to FCC).

So I thought to myself, “how am I doing within YDKJS?” Having a few of my browser windows open for the various tasks I’m taking on. I realize that coding is #1 in this overall perspective, of course. Looking over my notes in YDKJS, going back a few steps prior to the last (last nights ending session somewhere within the “function discussion”, and realize that I was working on empty as I got tired. So it may have dawned on me (in a state of mind where as I’m awake), that my first thoughts is to… focus within YDKJS exclusively (a great insightful book thus far), for it’s in the order of the guide’s scripted elephant (see link above seriously if your still reading this)

Moving forward one bite at a time.

Thoughts on Chess and how long it would take to reach the level of creation of it. I’m sure I need to start simple and work my way up.

Back to coding (practice w/ YDKJS).

People out to watch a movie,
I’m going in to watch a lecture (CS50 Week 2),
I’m going in,
I’m going in.

Based on my daughter and her mom going out without me this day.

And my thoughts of getting out of YDKJS for a moment. I’ve been through it during the evening before bed. Time for a break from it.

I spoke too soon. Currently decided to backtrack with Week1, as I’m going over the lecture notes and writing out the code(s) using C language within their CS50 IDE, a platform from Cloud9 to go along with the course. I’m looking forward to coding within xCode again though.

Looking over some posts here I am now looking to work within Atom for C language use. I may have to work with Cloud9 for a while due to cs50’s <cs50.h> file may be within their Cloud9 and I do not have access to it yet. But the Professor states that he will talk about it later in the course. I guess that’s when I will be able to use the class code fully and even create my own in the sense of using C language. Stay tuned.

Going through math problem solving course “Effective Thinking Through Mathematics”, I see that I’m able to write out the problem in pseudocode based on Week 1’s “Reflect and Respond”. I don’t want to spoil any part with anything I wrote within my personal journal, for it’s enjoyable to figure it out on ones own, so I’ll water it down as much as I can to just the pseudoThough. Going through the 2nd half of the Week 1 “Reflect and Respond”, I was able to use a switch case (too many if’s) for the first part, an if else if else for the second, and 2 if else’s for the third and forth. Does that makes any sense? If not, or just curious on what I’m implying, feel free to ask me about it and I’ll PM you my pseudocode take on it (reminder: created under 011617_ within my personal journal).

My notes are everywhere within my “typed up” Journal, even in here as I’m thinking to go over it as well. Going past pen and paper, I’ve written and written notes as it came to me, under Monthly files (meaning I’ve written notes on a daily within 2017_01_JANUARY, as an example. And I’ve just been writing under titles (todays title 20170120, under previous title, above the next title coming up until the end of the month and then next file 2017_01_FEBRUARY). Before breaking them into weekly files, thought came to mind where I’ve been telling myself to backtrack and separate information I’ve collected, being programming practices, design practices, ideas, etc. Example with:

  • various installations created via TheOdinProject
  • Github and various other writings of code ran in the terminal
  • Javascript codes and notes to look over (put together in one folder, with separate files within it).
  • loading of prior project worked on into Github w/ further creation of my up and coming portfolio
  • Blog posts of other writings (such as kingzLoFitness talk on physical perspective and how one must keep the body moving, especially within this journey I’m going through).

More to come as I continue my practice through this journey.

Looking over the writing of current, I’m seeing this could be a program of some sort (at the level of thought, but still have to sharpen my saw). Example being apps that write tasks and notes. I don’t know about you but I was pissed how one app would have something the other app should have to complete the other app. So various apps are purchased and/or tried out so see what fits with the various end users experience.

Back to thinking / reading / writing / coding / drawing / speaking (I love to talk as much as I write). Hoping to get time in for all of that based on the level I’m at with each, in addition to being physically active and social. All of this is not entirely in any paticular order for I may miss something a day and just get it done as soon as I possibly can (example drawing as I’m traveling on the bus/train and within destination where I cannot get anything else done for I can draw with all the background noise (similar with writing at times). Thinking and reading is during quite times where I would receive it, or make it a high priority.

I’m even active on this forum for my thing is each one teach one. This thought was way before coming in here and seeing that happening. As I learn and practice I’m wanting to speak about it, so in addition to creation, I’ll answer questions I’m familiar with at the level I’m at and below that, as best as I can. Of course the higher levels I’ll be in, or currently within, practice.

// Note: last sentence would seem to loop back to the prior sentence; a thought in pseudocode.

I’ve decided, a few days ago, to delete my Codecademy account in order to go through the JavaScript again to see how much I’ve learned thus far by answering the question via code without the left side panel assistance.

Reason for deletion. I started reseting my code from each section and saw that that was taking forever. So I took the leap of deletion to recreate and see how much I’ve learned and further think deeper with the basics for it is the foundation of the levels coming up.

Another reason, I may have mentioned before. I was up to Objects 1 and my thoughts on created went into pause for a moment at that time. Should’ve just kept going further with it, but I will next go round when I reach it again. Most likely sooner than later; depends on my schedule.

Colt Steele is a genius for using a ToDo list to create, as part of The Web Developer Bootcamp course I’ve been taking for a while now. I for one was pissed off how one todo list had what another one had not, but the one that I loved didn’t have the feature of another todo app. Hoping to work with the todo list app that I’m about to get into and tweak it for my own personal.
Some of my notes are in the html files and I’m writing the code examples in bold (actually strong tag) and surrounding it with the

 tag to show the spaces on the next line for functions, as an example…
setInterval(function() {
console.log("I am an anonymous function!");
console.log("THIS IS AWESOME!");
}, 2000);

kingzLoFitness @racketINK 15:54
normally I’m writing my notes within textEdit on my macbookPro, but I’ve been commenting within the html / css / and now within the JavaScript files. Especially the extensions.

I had to copy and paste above to share with those who are reading.

I see the pre tag doesn’t show up within this forum. Something to keep in mind as I continue my programming journey. (I said in my head even the littlest things).

I’m further into The Web Developer Bootcamp and I noticed that I’m able to create the code before Colt goes over the work at hand. I listen to the instructions and before he goes on into writing the code, I would execute it on my own beforehand. I’ve done that thus far with the Todo List App parts 1 and 2 and other exercises, etc. I’m actually going to go over his version of the App just now for I’m finished with part 2. As I go through it and create his copy, in a separate folder (named “courseVersion”), and then compare his .js file to my own, without making changes to my own code.

Coding forward.

Further Practice with JavaScript (Array deep dive) within MDN

Going through MDN’s verse with Arrays within JavaScript:

As I’m console.log’n the examples to get a visual of each part of the code in the practical sense. To show output of the current variable, where current equals original and the original variable to see the status overall. Example:

// Add to the end of an Array
console.log("// Add to the end of an Array using PUSH");
var newLength = fruits.push(“Orange”);

1st line is comment within .js file
2nd line is comment to display in the console (just for visual there)
3rd line example of code used
4th line output of current variable
5th line output of overall status of original Array.

I’m going over Arrays to get deeper into it, as I’m sure I need to do for Objects as well, and further deep understanding with Functions (although I’m getting a better understanding of that as I’m going through this JavaScript journey.

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I noticed how it was better to used “” vs. ‘’ (as MDN has the examples) within the Array for visual purposes within Chrome’s console, for with single quotes it gets condensed to show on the console Array with an arrow to click on to get the visual of the output vs. just putting in the double quotes to display all on screen within the brackets [ ]. See for yourselves.

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