What's on your plate at the moment?

What are you learning right now and what resources are you using. Concurrently or not.
It seems like there is not enough hours in a day for me.


  • I got FCC front-end challenges that I am heavily plowing through. Currently on the advance algorithm.
  • I often get side track reading documentation.
  • I got this tiny project that I am building that has to do with making a code reference cheat sheet onto a desktop web app. (Continuous Dev)
  • [Edited]: Reading YDKJS Book1


  • Reading YDKJS Series Book2-6
  • Second side project: A small web game.
  • Portfolio Site
  • Apply for Job
  • Reviewing JS Concepts
  • Udemy Web Development Course
  • CS50

Future Plans

  • Server-side scripting
  • CSCC

I think I am chewing more than I can handle and I think I got the over analytic disease. What is everyone up to? :smiley:



  • FCC Front-End - last 4 Advance Algorithm challenges - went back and redid them all up to this point. Its amazing to see how much I have learned. Ended up re writing some of my answers to be more efficient.
  • Reading Eloquent JS, YDKJS, and The Good Parts - I don’t move on until I am comfortable with what I have read. (Took me a while to grasp closures and functional programming.)
  • Pro Bono site for an Audio Engineer


  • Redo Portfolio Site
  • Apply for Jobs - getting ready to move from Missouri to Seattle (September)
  • Start (hopefully this week) final project section for FCC Front-End to earn first certificate.

I have been on the job search for some time now, but after struggling through a few coding challenges, I have put the job search on hold to review. I realized that my web site was sub par, and so lots of stuff to do.

I am currently working through the front end section of FCC cert. Just finished the Random Quote Generator. I am also working through 2 courses on Udemy, React Foundations (highly recommended), and Node basics. Those are mostly on the back burner for now. I am also reading through the YDKJS series as per @P1xt. Thats basically it except a few remaining code challenges, from potential employers.

I will be redoing my website soon, I have an idea for the redesign completed on codepen. I am also converting all my FCC codepens to live code samples and putting on my github. Then there are personal project ideas, such as a forum, or some mainstream app clones. I have joined a group called cohorts, more on that as it progresses. I am also doing a site for a local restaurant, and a couple of blogs for friends.

With all that ahead, it seems like I’ll never get finished, but its all experience toward the ultimate goal.



  • Backend Projects on FCC
  • YDKJS books


  • Total rebuild of my portfolio site using React.js. This is phase 1. The next phase will be a custom CMS where I can make the task of adding content (projects, blog post, edits, and etc.) a lot easier
  • Preparing a presentation on SASS for my local camper site group



  • Uhh … continue following the guide

  • Be consistent with my blog posts


  • Get grounded with solving algos with JS and Python ( Like be really good )

  • I plan to get an internship at Khan Academy and Google. :smile: Anything is possible right!

  • I have a passion for making high quality education free, so in the long run I plan on having other people share their quality blog post on my site. It would probably be a web app by then.

  • Be a bad-ass programmer :rage:




  • Start book three of YDKJS
  • Redo personal portfolio


  • Build a few static websites for friend and family
  • Maybe start a blog at some point ( I keep talking about it but never seem to get round to it )


  • brushing up on Node.js
  • starting some React learning
  • continuous learning on JS
  • learn Visual Code Basic, although I lick Brackets
  • go deep with Dev Tools and Git/Github


  • complete FCC
  • learn Flexbox and advanced HTML5 and CSS
  • learn Web Design UI/UX
  • Get used to Vim
  • prepare a valid Portfolio site
  • ES2015, it’s a must!
  • learn some Swift would be nice.

I don’t like (or am too busy for?) multi-tasking, so…


-Learning Angular 2 (Udemy course)


-Do some of the new FCC projects using Angular 2.


Why not learn ES6…


  • Working through BE certification (Book Trading App about 80%… just one more to go!)
  • Reading YDKJS
  • Try to help out people on the forum (Currently + Upcoming + Future)


  • Learn ReactJs “basics” (All my apps have been MEAN stacked… i want to change that)
  • Re-write my homepage
  • Help test FCC-Beta


  • ???
  • (possibly do some personal project in React/Redux)
  • (learn Mocha and TTD)

I cant plan “far ahead” considering i dont always know how much time i have to dedicate to my studies (“got to pay the bills”) but for sure will keep using JS/Node in the future


Of course, that is what I meant ES6. First of all, after this Node and React, I will need to go deep in Vanilla Javascript and algorithms … then it is absolutely necessary to learn ES6.
Since JS is not a “new topic”, I am planning it to do it side-by-side some Web Design course.

Here is a good question for @cangelozzi and @Obayanju. What is the difference between JS and ES6. Perhaps that I got confuse, since @Obayanju mentioned [quote=“Obayanju, post:10, topic:86699, full:true”]
Why not learn ES6…

Isn’t ES6 a specification to JavaScript?

Just a brief overview:


all at once now -

  • The Odin Project; 2: Web Development 101
  • Viking Code School Prep; Getting to Know Git + git calisthenics
  • Code School; git real started
  • FreeCodeCamp; front end complete

plus a partially completed to-do-list -

  • LinuxMint; installed
  • LAMP; need to install
  • LAN git repo/server; needed
  • Head First - Java; on the desk to read
  • Java - The Complete Reference; on the desk to read

I am currently working on the Front End Certificate. I skipped the Twitch API project, and came back to that, and then I will work on the Tic Tac Toe and Simon projects. I am also working through some of the “Get Job ready with 1 FCC cert, 3 projects, 2 courses, and 10 books,” but I’m not doing everything in order. I’m basically working on the CS50 course, and also doing my front end projects. But I’m also reading through YDKJS.


Oh… Thanks for the link. I thought ES2015 and ES6 were different.

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Interesting list! What is LAMP and Linux Mint. Why do you need them?

YDKJS is rough for beginners. How is it going?

I’m not finding it to be too terrible. I’m reading through it pretty slowly, but I like being able to pick it up when I get the chance, especially when that means reading sections at work.

There’s definitely some things that I’ve had to re-read, and some things that I just haven’t quite gotten yet, but there’s a lot of things I’m learning as well.

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