13 Weeks of JavaScript

Hey everyone! My name is Eric and these last weeks I have been working on a syllabus centered around full stack development in JavaScript.


Any feedback about the course is welcome.

I would be glad if any of the material I put together help you in your own adventure :slight_smile:

So, enjoy it ! :+1:


Okay, I am not sure I understand.
Do you mean, that we follow the resources you have listed on the page linked to?? Is that the course?? or is it something that we’ll get access to later on?
I also noticed that you listed a few courses that we have to pay for.

Anyways, I am willing to follow whatever resources are free, but I am not sure if I have the knowledge to “rewriting part of the jQuery and underscore libraries.”.
I have almost finished the frontend portion of FCC (only 2 projects left to complete). So, is that much knowledge enough to be able to rewrite jQuery and underscore libraries?? I am not sure!!

Would love to get more details about this.

Hey silentarrowz,

The resources that I have listed are the course.

And about the paid courses, you’re right. To view all the material from frontendmasters you need a monthly suscription of 40 dollars that you can cancel in any moment. Although I stated that this course is affordable compared to other alternatives and mostly based on frontendmasters maybe I have not stated clearly this idea. So sorry for any trouble caused.

Lastly I remember you that in the post I said that we’ll only rewrite part of the libraries. About your concerns if you would be able to rewrite some of the functions:

Without any guidance if its your first time dealing with this task it may be hard but if you haven’t any problem understanding all the material from “http://javascript.info/” you’ll be fine.

If you really want to do it on your own without the guidance provided by the courses, I recommend you to learn from these micro frameworks: http://microjs.com/

Also the “Annotated Source” from the underscore library is a goldmine



This is pretty darn cool and it must have taken a long time to put it all together. Thank you! It looks like an excellent course