1st Project-Feedback would be very helpful, thanks

This is my very 1st project and I know it is not good but any feedback would be appreciated

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First off, this is way better than the first page I made. I hope no one ever sees that thing.

The page definitely does everything it needs to do and more. I know it probably feels like a lot of work without much results, but this is a great start. You can come back after you’ve learned more and make further improvements. You’ve mixed in a lot of the basic elements (lists, italics, bolded text, etc.) in a non-trivial way. The pink background is a little intense, but it works with the images and you kept the blue/pink color scheme consistent throughout and that’s nice.

Honestly, I wouldn’t spend too much time on this for now, but here are some things you could do to improve.

  1. The “Lobster” font family isn’t very web friendly, so you should import that at the top of your website. At very least, you could list alternate fonts. You may remember there were FCC challenges for this. Look back through your map and pull the code from there.

  2. I noticed you made a class “all” and applied that to a div and then nested the whole page in that div. An easier and possibly better approach would be to just to use target the body of the document. So, instead of:

css stuff}

just do:

css stuff}

  1. The two images being different sizes right next to each other looks a little awkward. I would use CSS to specify the height of each so they look more consistent.

  2. There are quite a few spelling errors/typos missing words, etc… I know this isn’t an issue of coding, but it helps make the presentation look professional if the writing is clean. I would suggest writing all your text out in a word processor and then copying it into your code after its been edited.

Like I said, though, this is a good start. You’re getting the basics down and I wouldn’t stress too much about making things look professional now. You can always come back and make changes after you’ve completed some of the intermediate projects.

Thank you very much for the feedback. I will definitely use a text editor from now on lol. Very much appreciated.

I agree with everything gtrabbit said. Additionally, I think it would look better if the pictures were centered. One way to accomplish this is by using the Bootstrap grid system. Other than that I think you did a nice job - congratulations!

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Looks good, maybe a third picture to make it look more balanced but besides that it looks good.

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First of all Congrats on your first project.I also agree with gtrabbit and nacla01 to do small changes with bootstrap grid system to make your project standout.

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@hamolyva9 hey great job I love it although I would suggest fixing the following. this sentence is missing of “about one the most famous queens of Ancient Egypt” has should be had and you misspelled daughters" has six duaghters:". I would change is to are “Here is the names of the children”. round should be around "estimated round ". and like gtrabbit said I would suggest changing your div with the class all to body tags like this “…” around all of your code. I see you tried to change the height of the image of the Stone carving of Nefertiti but did this "style=“width:400px; height=100px;” instead of this "style=“width:400px; height:100px;”. and last of all since your using codepen.io you can paste this as a resource instead of putting it at the top of your html script like gtrabbit said “https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lobster"rel="stylesheet"type="text/css” by following the instructions free code camp gives you here
https://www.freecodecamp.com/challenges/get-set-for-our-front-end-development-projects page 6/7.

Good luck on the second challenge which I am working on now If you need help on that I recommend
it has a lot of resources that might help you.

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Well done. Your previous commenters have pretty much given you all the feedback you need to improve your first project; I hope you didn’t find it bewildering or overwhelming.

Do try to complete it, with the suggested changes and improvements; it’s a good piece of work, which will ultimately feature in your portfolio, if you choose so.

Keep going.