My fisrt portfolio page - Feedback please! :)

Here it is , already finished… Of course i’ll upgrade it along the way, eventhough, if its posible i would like to have some feedback, opinions, how should i do it better etc… It all helps.
Thanks a lot everyone!


Great job, that looks really good:) For your first web page that is a really great job. Here are some recommendations from my personal perspective.

1: Fix the submit button, it’s width is shorter than supposed to be.
2. On the contact form I would not make the background see-through, just my personal taste. Or I would make it a bit darker, so the users input is clearly seen:) But thats really nit picking no need to change it if you dont like want to:slight_smile:
3. I feel that the NAV bar could attract more attention somehow, could be a bit bigger and wider and also include an about section. It’s just that it looks a little lonely and I think you want it to really balance out with the footer which is much bigger.

But really, this is way better than my first page! And keep on coding, you seem motivated and thats great!


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Great work. I’m a big fan of simple designs. Here are some feedbacks:

Better copy - although it is not a part of learning to code, but it’s nice to have contents spellchecked - e.g. “begginer” should spell “beginner”, the “i”'s capital, “thaught” to taught, “comming” to coming. The reason I’m telling this because it matters in a job and I’m a victim of it so better practice while you learn.

Heading consistency - Notice your “ABOUT” is in all caps and other headings are not although they share same styling.

Transparency - this is entirely every individual’s design taste. I personally think having every component transparent and a stark background allows a lot more focus on the background rather than content. I’d suggest you have the grey container around have transparency but vital conents opaque.

Submit button - It can do with a bit of padding around the icon

I like the font you used. I hope these helps and as you said you are learning everyday, so are we. Great stuff :slight_smile:

Hey @j-schuster and @emrulkayesraceme thank you very much for the feedback. Appreciate every tip. It is really nice to know the opinnion of like minded people. I will upgrade my Portfolio as much as i can to make it look perfect. I’m very glad you liked it.
To be honest i was i little desperate because it took me almost a week to do a portfolio and in the end… i don’t know… i just hated it. So i deleted the all thing and in 2 days i’ve made this one as fast as i could because i really wanted to move forward in the challenge. Maybe i should have been more patient and checked all of the details… i know… Next time i’ll pay more attention !

And i really have to work in my English i know :smirk: .
And yes i’m motivated so, i’ll just keep going through and see what happens. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another BIG THANKS TO YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK, it just made my day :smiley:

that looks really great.
keep it up.

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