I finished my first portfolio page - please give me some feedback

I finished my first portfolio website. I know I have to ban some bugs, but please give me feedback.

I spend more work for my portfolio page. You can see the result here:

The background dominates. How about using a transparent background on the sections?
By the way, when you start adding more pens on codepen it will be easier to find if you give your pens a title.

Thank you for your feedback. Actually I have allready had a transparent black background at each section. But you are right, the background-image is to dominant, so I set the opacity much lower. I think it is better now.
Thank you for the hint adding a title. I thought that I can’t do this without a “Pro-Pen”.

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So far I like it. I recommend using max-width in your CSS on some sections of your page. You can get some ideas for layout from this site: http://learnlayout.com/no-layout.html I recommend this because on a wide screen your website it looks a bit too wide. Here is a picture of what I see when I look at your site:

Hi JIemien
Thank you for your recommendation. I will try to take it into account and of course I will have a look at your page tip.

Yea I agree with @Jlemien and after you do that I think it will be better if you remove the .container and add .container-fluid in your navbar. So it doesn’t look squashed, but its totally up to you. If you’ve time check out my updated portfolio and give your feed back. Your feedback is appreciated.

Hi Saintnity.
Thanks for your feedback. I also gave you one to your portfolio project.