My final first Portfolio Webpage

Hi guys.
Now I considered some recommendations and baned (I hope) all bugs.
I also restyled the page. So hereis my final first portfolio webpage.

Looks pretty good to me, just one thing I noticed: the navbar and the footer are not responsive. However the rest of the page responses well on smaller screens :slight_smile:

Hi Heenal
Thank you for your praise.
I saw this shortcoming too. But I can’t finde out how to fix it. Can you give me a hint to fix it?

Have you tried using @media queries? Maybe you can change the css for the nav bar for smaller screens for less than 768px (about the size of mobiles). Maybe you can change the left and right margins or make the font size of the text smaller so they all fit on to a smaller screen.

There is also something like hamburger menus for smaller screens which I was also suggested to put on my portfolio for smaller screens, so maybe once I figure that out I can help you.

Hi. I like your portfolio. It looks great! However, what does the 2nd box after name stand for? Phone Number? If yes, it does not allow any space. If a user were to enter his or her number by respecting the international plan for instance, this might not be possible. Great Job!