25+5 clock not beeping

i restarted the 25+5 clock from scratch. but the problem im getting is this. whenever the timer hits 0 the audio beep doesnt play. even if it plays it delays after a second. what is the issue

not sure if you had read through this article or not, but might be useful, happy learning :slight_smile: Audio for Web games - Game development | MDN

yeah i read through it. i passed 28 out of 29 tests. the final test was getting the audio to beep after time elapsed. i couldnt answer it so i restarted so im trying to resolve the audio beep issue first before completing the rest of the code and im still having a hard time getting it to beep correctly when timer reaches zero. could you help me out with that issue?

things that i found is happening from “use case” is :

  • both timer is running on queue and on time perhaps!!
  • but it keeps on running after first “session and break”, unless that’s what you intended

perhaps try console logging “timer” at time zero as well just to see if its so

also i can see whats causing this problem, i suppose:
timer goes to “1:00” and then starts to reduce, it should be “0 to 59” not “0 to 61”

hope this was helpful, happy coding :slight_smile:

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