8 year php, wordpress, laravel mysql experience, 5 year job , 3 year freelancing, need a job now

Hello Everyone

I am at a path in my carrier that i would really appreciate some guidance .

I have a B tech degree in IT.

In the last year of my bachelor degree I had somewhat mastered JAVA, but then i got a job in a small company in PHP.

So during next 5 years i worked with wordpress, HTML/CSS, jQUERY , CODEIGNITER AND Laravel,
after which i got to know about upwork , I quit my job and started working as freelance I used to make 70 to 80 k per month on average, I have been working as a freelance for 3 years but Now Though I have a strong profile at upwork, I dont get as much work as i used to do, and it is very tough competition out there, Clients are literally squeezing the work by paying the least they can, I am afraid that my profile may get suspended some day if A client decides to complain If i dint do repetitive revisions for him .

Now my EMIs per month are close to 1 lakh per month, I cant afford to lose my profile , So now I have started looking for a job.

Some of my friends from my batch of college are making 1 to 3 lakh per month in JAVA and other languages, none of them knew any programming language .

I dont know if I should switch to python or JAVA now, to have a good salary in future or i should stick with PHP, laravel.

Any advice would be helpful.

I would try to get away from Upwork as soon as possible and build your brand outside of it.
Upwork and other platforms will always be a race to the bottom.

No need to go away from PHP.
The programming language is only a tool to solve business problems.
PHP is everywhere and a solid tool to build stuff.

Thank You Michael!

I think I would do that now.

No need to limit yourself to one or the other just find a job that appeals and apply.

I don’t know what the job market where you are at is.

Thank You , for your advice.

Job market is at its peak for IT Sector, It’s just that to get a big salary you need a big experience in likes of JAVA and C, in PHP you cant get more than 1 lakh per month, that would be limit and when they are paying you 1 lakh, they expect you to be a fullstack developer and handle everything from client to team, staying late to get things on timeline.

To get a job in top companies or MNC you need other languages not PHP.